Mazeno Ridge: Nanga Parbat summit not yet reached

South African alpinist Cathy O’Dowd and Sherpa Nuru, Rangduk and Zarok are said to be safely at Base Camp of Nanga Parbat (Diamir Face) while the British mountaineers Sandy Allan and Rick Allen are said to be at 7100m. The information comes directly from Muhammad Ali of Adventure Pakistan, the Pakistani expedition tour operator.


Video: Sassies drive in beta

Mathieu Schneuwly shows us how to drive into Sassies without a 4×4…



11 year old sends Eddy on first lead attempt

Jonathan Brown (ex- Montagu resident) who is visiting from Switzerland sent ‘Eddy of Bovidence’ 24/7a last week.


Deadly Accidents in the Alps

Video: The Rocklands Post : Week 3

Yet another week in Rocklands, where resting has been complicated by crazy good weather.


Black Diamond launch 2012 online catalogue

Black Diamond launches their 2012 interactive catalogue complete with awesome photos and videos.

Reverso 4 review

Reverso 4 Review

The Reverso 4 looks and performs almost identically to its predecessor the Reverso 3. That is to say that it is an excellent belay device.


Video: French Alps avalanche kills 9, injures 11

CHAMONIX, France — An avalanche swept over a group of foreign climbers in the French Alps on Thursday, killing at least nine people — with the dead believed to include three Britons — in the deadliest such disaster in the region in a decade.


The Five St Mary's girls make it to Everest Base Camp - Biana, Bernie, Alex, Julia and Kim with SA flag

St Mary’s girls reach new heights at Everest.

A group of five girls from St Mary’s School (Waverley, Johannesburg) and their parents made history by trekking to Everest earlier this year.


Blow, brush, Blow blow, brush brush... these are the days of our lives!

ARF Report Silvermine Lower Crag

The thought of having to go through planning another w/e outweighed my bed, which my oh so sexy girlfriend was keeping warm.