Video: Table Mountain Highline

Andy and friends go highlining on Table Mountain.

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Video: Speedflying of Sugarloaf

Alard, Tristan and Voytek speedflying off Sugarloaf at Spitzkoppe, Namibia.

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Everest Too Dangerous!

In one of the driest seasons on record, the Lhotse and Nuptse faces of Everest are unleashing a torrent of rockfall, between two and 10 rocks per minute.


Video: No Stranger to Danger at Topside

Arjan de Kock and Marijus Šmigelskis working “No Stranger to Danger” 8A at Topside’s Echo Valley, with Marijus grabbing the first ascent.

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Video: Fabian Buhl’s Swiss ticks

This is a little video I put together, about some boulders I could climb during various trips to Murgtal, Ticino and Magic Wood.

Video: Dean Potter – Race For The Nose

In a wild and dangerous ascent,Dean Potter and his climbing partner Sean Leary set the speed record for climbing up the Nose Route of Yosemite Valley’s El Capitan.

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Kalymnos Primer

Ahh… back from vacation. Good thing about vacations–no matter how lovely–is that they eventually end, and you return home to your own comfortable bed, your faithful dog, your routine. Now that I’ve been home for a day or two, I had some time to reflect on the trip.

Video: The Wizard’s Apprentice – Excerpt (Melloblocco 2012 invitation)

A climbing film climbing that will feature Adam Ondra.


White Water Kayaking – Consumed

Whitewater kayaker Hendrik Coetzee had decided to call it a career after a decade of first descents on the wildest rivers in Africa. The river’s most feared predator had a different ending in store.

New routes at De Pakhuys

New routes at De Pakhuys…