Video: Lisa Rands bouldering

Lisa Rands climbs perfect riverside sandstone at Little River Canyon in Alabama. The face is about V7, the high arete goes at about V9.

Climb Like Chris Sharma: His Tips, Part 1

Chris Sharma shares his strategy and techniques that have made him one of the best climbers in the world. Part 1 of his five-part series.


Ueli Steck Summits Everest No O2

Summit success on Everest for Ueli Steck and his climbing partner Tenzing without using oxygen

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Video: Natural Method first ascent

Dave MacLeod making the first ascent of Natural Method 8B+, Skeleton Boulder, Glen Nevis.

Mario Panzeri 14×8000 with no 02

Mario Panzeri, Alpine Guide based in Lecco, topped out today, May 17th, the Dhaulagiri 8167m, in Nepal and completed the 14×8000 serie, in alpine style and without suplemental oxygen

Mikhaela Levitas Rock Chick

I would like to climb my age by the end of this year J So that means I will have to go up three grades by December, but I think I can do it!


A new low point at the Cauldron

After a long morning of climbing for the four of us, with varying degrees of success, we headed back over to The Cauldron.

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Video: Wing suit team and acrobatic gliders stunt flying

The Red Bull Skydive Team performes a spectacular stunt high in the skies above Austria well worthy of any James Bond film.

Black Diamond, Beal & Saltic welcome Steve Bradshaw to the team

Black Diamond, Beal & Saltic are proud to welcome their new climbing team member, Steve Bradshaw.


International climbing meet USA

International climbing meets 2012