Video: A Belgian in Ireland

Lolo on Siren (E3 5c) and Kleptomaniac (E3 6a), in Ailladie, Co. Clare, Ireland

Family rescued from Paarl mountain

A family of six has been rescued from the Paarl Mountain, in the Boland, Western Cape emergency services said on Monday.

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Video: Grit Ground Up

Three classic routes from my Peak Distritc’s tour on march 2012:

National Bouldering League Results

The results from the NBL finals are out. Well done to all who competed and many thanks to the route setters, Robbie Fraser, Joshua Bedford and Michael van der Ham for all their hard work to ensure quality routes on the day.

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Video: Sasha DiGiulian, Era Vella, Raw Footage

This is some raw footage of Sasha attempting Era Vella (9a or 5.14d), Chris Sharma’s route in Margalef, Spain.


Video: Tent Bound in Devils Bay

The idea started off as a good one: To establish new trad climbs on the amazing 1,200-foot granite big-wall rocketing directly out of the ocean in Devil’s Bay, Newfoundland.

Video: Paul Robinson bouldering 8B+ in Albarracin, Spain

Paul Robinson continues his bouldering mission around the world, this time stopping off in Albarracin, Spain.


Dean Potter crosses China canyon 2012

Dean Potter has crossed the Enshi Grand Canyon in China’s Hubei Province on a rope just two centimetres thick.

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Ten Top Tips For Staying Alive

In this article UKC Chief Editor Jack Geldard takes a lighthearted look at a deadly serious topic – staying alive whilst climbing – and gives us ten things to think about whilst we’re out at the crag.

Tealess climbing in the Drakensberg

Life is not good right now, and I have clearly tugged on one grass tuft and trusted one dodgy piece of weetbix too many.

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