Clockwork Orange 23 going on 25

Joe Mohle recently sent ‘A Clockwork Orange’ on Table Mountain and removed the bolt.

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Ocearch and the Kogel Baai attack – Searching for answers, finding few

Another attack confirmed. This time fatal and at a beach I know and love so well. A great guy, a promising talent, a life cut short.

A Monsterous Send

I finished bolting the original idea for the Beast in Boven. It’s gonna be hard. I’m very close to the send. It’ll also go on gear. Should be 32/33 (8b/+). It’s an amazing climb.

Be Quick or Be Dead

The long lost and forgotten mini trad crag of Crystal Dream Palace on the outskirts of Hermanus has lay devoid of any real activity ever since Clinton Martinengo developed the cliff at the turn of the millennium.


Everest veteran Sherpa dies at base camp

A Nepali Sherpa guide who climbed Mount Everest no less than 10 times has died at the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain, expedition organizers said on Thursday.


Video: Daniel Woods in Shiobara, Japan

Daniel Woods in Japan working Hydra, 8B, and Catharsis, 8B+ and getting very close on Hydrangea, 8C.


Nepals Over Regulated permit system

Ueli Steck and Freddie Wilkinson reveal how Nepal’s permitting system is holding climbers back in the Khumbu

Video: Base Training Day

Team Blacksheep collaborates with Dedicam.tv and the wingsuit basejumpers Patrick Kerber and Simon Wandeler to bring you never-before seen footage of UAVs flying with wingsuit pilots.


Video: Can your baby do pull ups?

10 month old doing chin ups on a computer desk (to be closer to the computer screen).

Black Hill Mugging & Sandy Bay muggers arrested

Samantha reported that friend of hers was attacked and stabbed (not badly, luckily) at the parking lot at the top of Black Hill