Frozen Titans Trailer

Frozen Titans – with a team of three friends, Will Gadd heads to Canada’s ‘wildest ice cave’ at British Columbia’s Helmcken Falls in the heart of winter.

Nepal avalanche

Nepal avalanche – Death Toll up to 29

Nepal army rescuers in helicopters spotted eight more bodies of trekkers along a mountain trail that was buried in avalanches and blizzards, raising the death toll to 29, while five more climbers were missing on another mountain, officials said Thursday.


Half Dome

8 days in Yosemite

Yosemite is truly one of those places where Mother Nature has outdone herself, and from the view of a climber there is no other place like it on earth. Driving out of the valley I had just one thought in my mind, “I will be back”…


Adam Ondra Ira, Spain

Adam Ondra: Rock and Plastic

In this profile of the master of rock and plastic, filmmaker Bernardo Gimenez follows Ondra from high point to high point, taking in the redpoint of Biographie/Realization, the first ascent of Ira (9a) in Spain, and his championship performances.


Time In The Pines: Welcome To The Future

Sitting in the picturesque Hope Valley, just outside the Tahoe basin, Welcome To The Future has become a classic test piece of the area.

Free Soloing 9a Is Never A Good Idea, Just Ask Ben Davison

British climber Ben Davison, who, after just 3 years of climbing, reached the dizzy heights of 8c.

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Sasha DiGiulian Sardinia

Sasha DiGiulian Ascent on Viaje de los Locos

Sasha DiGiulian and her climbing partner Edu Marin relocated their mission to the Italian island of Sardinia and the seven pitch ‘Viaje de los Locos’ (8b+/5.14a).


Highest bum shave

Highest Bum Shave in the World

The highest bum shave in the world – we don’t know the altitude, but conditions around indicate they’re at some type of altitude…

183 Meter Swing Magwa Falls Gorge

Mike Wilson and Andrew Kirkpatrick have traveled to Magwa Falls Gorge, South Africa to build the most insane rope swing bungee jump.

Alex Honnold climbing Heaven, Yosemite

Alex Honnold Free soloing Yosemite’s “Heaven”

Alex Honnold gets your hands all sweaty whilst talking about his new website.