Study: Runners Run Better Companies

A German study found that CEOs who run marathons are more likely to run companies with higher firm values.

68 Year old Lee Sheftel Climbs Grade 30 at 68

At 68 years old, Lee Sheftel continues to climb hard, having just sent Eulogy (5.13b) in Rifle, Colorado. Sheftel says he climbed the route on his 18th attempt spread over two months, but insists that the route was “not his style.”

Beards Better At Altitude Say Scientists

For years mountaineers have been ridiculed for their beardy weirdy image, but now it seems that facial hair may actually enhance performance at high altitudes.

Huge Rescue Operation to Save Trapped Man

It took over two days for more than 100 people from different organisations to save a North West man who had fallen from a mountain and become wedged on a cliff between two large rocks.


Steve Bradshaw, Rocklands

Rocklands Rock Stars

“Show a painter a rock and he will see a painting; a soldier will see something to pass over; the climber will see a beautiful line. It’s like, what’s possible, what’s not possible. I like climbing for all these complex and absurd aspects.”

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Wits University Mountain Club Bouldering League

Wits University Mountain Club are hosting a Bouldering League. The next comp is on the 30th of September, followed by another on the 7th of October.

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Rocklands – ‘In The Middle Of The Ass’ 8A

Angy Eiter reflashing “In the middle of the ass 8A” in Rocklands. A short excerpt from the film “South Africa – Moving Pictures”. Much of the footage was created using Multicopters.

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Protea Climbing logo emblem

Protea’s competing IFSC World Youth Championship – Noumea, New Caledonia (FRA) 19 – 23 Sep

The Protea’s Youth Climbing Team are competing in Noumea, New Caledonia this weekend – the climbing is being streamed live, so you can watch it live over the weekend.

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BASE Dreams 2 Trailer

BASE Dreams 2 – The awesome new base jump series with Chris “Douggs” McDougall:


Lost on Table Mountain

Eastern Buttress Route – How We Spent a Night on the Mountain

Search and Rescue checked in on us – it was getting cold and they advised us to try and find shelter from the wind without taking any risks.

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