TNB: The Great Bicycle Heist, A Comedy of Errors

“Hey, Ed,” he said. “Take a look through these. I think I see something hanging off the side of the cliff.” He handed Ed the binos. Ed peered upward through them until he focused on an object about 400 feet off the ground.

McColl, Puccio Win ABS 12 Nationals

Hundreds of spectators, extensive lighting and audio systems, a brand-spankin’-new climbing wall, and 15 finalists filled the warehouse in Boulder where the ABS 12 National Championships were held Saturday night—the first time ABS Nationals has not taken place in a climbing gym.

The Wanker 101

The blood pulsing in your fingertips matches the beat of your racing heart.http://www.climbing.com/exclusive/features/the_wanker_101/