Matterhorn South Face, new route by Marco and Hervé Barmasse

On 13 March 2010 Marco and Hervé Barmasse established a new route up the South Face of the Matterhorn. Their 1220m line solves one of the “problems” up the massive “Becca” face, attempted by numerous climbers in the past. The exclusive interview with Hervé Barmasse.


Rastaman Vibration Sit is Done! 8C+!

Paul Robinson completed Rastaman vibration sit start, his long standing project just left of Evilution


Worcester Locals Feel the Earth Move

An earthquake struck the Cape Winelands on Monday, causing a blaze on the slopes of the Waaihoek mountains above Worcester and concern among farmers.

Colin Haley: Mermoz Solo and Care Bear Traverse

In March, Colin Haley has carried out a quick solo ascent of Aguja Mermoz via Argentine route (1974 600m 6a).

Romancing the Stones

As any old mountain goat will tell you, in the piton days of yore, men climbed together, slept together, and ate from the same can with the same spoon — brotherhood-of-the- rope stuff

CityROCK PR/Schools Assistant

Get a job doing what you love!!!

Climbing 8000m Peaks – Part One

At some stage, most climbers will ponder the idea of summitting an 8000m peak. But how do you go about actually doing it? In this two-part article, Roland Hunter highlights some of the things to consider if you are thinking of joining an expedition, or of planning your own.

Dragon Cam – New Dual Axle Cam from DMM

DMM announced a new double axle cam – dubbed the ‘Dragon’. They are clearly inspired by the BD Camalots, however they are meant to be lighter and also have extender slings. Since the patent on the double axle design expired in 2005, DMM are the first company to make use of the design.


Mescalito live on El Capitan by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson

American climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson report directly from El Capitan in Yosemite with updates about their progress on what has become known as the immensely difficult Mescalito project.

Use your feet!

Most beginners, certainly men, are terrible at using their feet well, and some never learn how. The key to improvement is usually seeing someone who is very, very good climbing: if you watch them getting up something where you can’t even see what they’re standing on, you quickly realise that footwork can make a very […]