Another 9a by Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle has escaped the summer temps and headed into the mountains. To Rawyl in the Swiss Valais Alps to be exact. Must be great to live in a country where you can do that. There, he repeated Cabane au Canada for its 2nd ascent and his second 9a.

Lama Speaks Out on Compressor Debacle

Over the last few months my sponsor Red Bull and I have been confronted with heavy criticism. Precisely it dealt with the film production from my project on Cerro Torre and the leaving of material on the mountain.


Cassin Route, Walker Spur, Grandes Jorasses

The details of an immortal route: the Cassin route up the Walker Super on the Grandes Jorasses (Mont Blanc) introduced by Mountain Guide Enrico Bonino who climbed the route last week with an (extremely strong) client, Max Lucco.

Two Deaths In Grand Teton National Park

Two deaths and more than a dozen injuries marked the past few days in Grand Teton National Park. On Tuesday, University of Michigan student Jillian Drow, 21, fell while descending the 12,804-foot Middle Teton.

Elbrus down, six to go…

Twice we crashed in soft snow and had to walk back up again. The 3rd time there was a hint of a breeze and we gunned it. Everything happened so fast but eventually we were airborne! It was wild! Pierre says it was by far the scariest takeoff he’d ever done