I’m the Daredevil Dad that Terrifies You

Once she began to walk, I encouraged her to scramble up scaffolding and climb on buildings while I chanted our mantra: “Bones heal, pain is temporary, boys dig scars and glory is forever.” Now she requires no encouragement.

Deep water soloing in Kalymnos?

There are now 3 main sectors for psychobloc in Kalymnos. It’s not as good as in Majorca in Spain, but it’s not crowded and you don’t have to wait in line. The crags are very safe and the rock is very clean.


GP Salvo Repeats Hueco Testpiece

On February 25, GP Salvo made the second ascent of Tactile Style on West Mountain in Hueco Tanks, four years after Chris Sharma made the first ascent in the film Dosage IV.

Paarl Rock Vistor Times

Yesterday two boulderer’s had a minor run in with the Paarl Reserve authorities. Nothing too major, however the park personal stressed that visitors must please adhere to the open and close times of the reserve.