Late Season El Cap & Half Dome Link

Colin Haley and Dave Turner turner pulled off a late season link-up (possibly the latest ever?) of Yosemite’s El Capitan and Half Dome in preparation for their Patagonia trips coming up this winter. Full report on Climbing.com

Dean Potter: Adventurer of the Year

Last August rock climber Dean Potter leapt off the Eiger in Switzerland wearing only a wingsuit. He flew nearly 5 kilometers in two minutes and 50 seconds, a record!

Cape Town requests more money for baboons

Another R1.8 million is urgently needed to secure the Cape Peninsula’s baboon monitoring programme until the end of June 2010, the City of Cape Town said.

A Gritstone Thesaurus

What is all this fuss about the small rocks that scatter the moorlands of northern England? Why are they talked about so incessantly by British climbers? Photographer and grit devotee Ian Parnell has compiled a unique thesaurus of the secret gritstone lexicon in this stunning photographic essay.

Enzo Oddo: 14-Year-Old French Crusher

In early November 14-year-old French climber Enzo “Zozo” Oddo made a string of noteworthy ascents and added another 9a redpoint to his already impressive résumé.

Johnny Dawes E6 First Ascent

In this clip from the forth coming film Welsh Connections we see British climbing legend Johnny Dawes do battle with pitch 4 of his girdle traverse of Scimitar Ridge, Llanberis Pass, North Wales.

James Pitman & Mike Blyth Around the World

James Pitman who you will remember from the film ‘No Need for Parking’ recently got back to South Africa after circumnavigating the globe in their production prototype plane.

Climbing World Cup Lead 2009 won by Johanna Ernst and Adam Ondra

The last stage of the Climbing World Cup Lead, held in Kranj Slovenia last weekend was won by Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic and Mina Markovic from Slovenia.


Dreamtime, a dream which vanished for a second only

Michele Caminati talks about the broken hold on Dreamtime, the legendary boulder problem established by Fred Nicole in 2000 at Cresciano, Switzerland.

Valle Encantado (Argentina) closed this (austral summer)

The famous Valle Encantado, one of the best climbing areas in south America, will be closed by the owner form December 21 until march 1st