My First Celestial Journey

There were 4 of us, Brian Warshow (from Colorado USA), Mark Cowen, James Mader, and me Micky Wiswedel. Originally we planned to meet up after New Years eve and climb energy crisis. On recommendation by Dave Davies we decided to do Celestial Journey (Basically he said we would be a bunch of wussies not to […]

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Justin having just won the 2005 Boven Roc Rally

Justin Hawkins Interview

Needing no introduction Justin Hawkins or JuzH has been cranking for 16 years. He’s been on the climbing scene for as long as I can remember. Taking pole position at almost every competition he’s entered and scaled every rock face he comes across.


Along the summit ridge with about 4 pitches to go

Climbing Mount Kenya

I want to die… someone, somewhere please kick me in the head! My head aches and the dry heaving is now getting old. Damn, I hate the altitude. For some unknown reason I have an inherent inability to operate above 4000m without serious acclimatisation. Tyrone and Hannes are fine, minor headaches and that’s all. Shmucks.


Ice Climbing, Giants Castle, 4-11 July 2005

Anyone can go ice climbing (provided you have some ice). Richard Halsey give a recount of some ice adventures at Giant’s Castle Nature Reserve in the ‘Berg as part of a UCT Mountain and Ski Club trip.

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Fred Nicole, Rocklands

Fred Nicole Interview

We’re in sitting around a concrete table in the Rockland’s camp site with one of the great boulderers of our time, Fred Nicole.

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Naja Nivea - Cape Cobra, Geelkapel, Koperkapel.

Venomous Snakes of the Cape Peninsula

Venomous Snakes of the Cape Peninsula (which can be fatal to humans), how to avoid them and what to do bitten by one…


Rocklands Access and Permits

Many people have heard about the awesome bouldering spot on De Pakhuys farm near Alpha Excelsior, on the Calvinia side of Pakhuys Pass.


Table 1. Experimentally measured failure loads

Snap Hooks & Quick Links – How many Kn does it take to break ?

The load carrying capacity of two different types of snap hook and quick link combination were tested on an Instron 5500 Universally testing apparatus. Load and displacement were recorded and presented on graphs. The modes of failure were also recorded.


Boulder Grade Conversion Table

Boulder Grade Conversion Table – comparing Font Grade -> V Grade -> SA Route Grade (approximate) – > Peak Bouldering Grade

Sport Climbing Route Grade Conversion Table

Sport Climbing Route Grade Converstion Table – Comparing South Africa / France / USA / Australia / UK / UIAA