S’bu Vilane: South African explorer

Sibusiso Vilane is a South African icon: the first black African to make it to the top of Everest and the Seven Summits (one of six South Africans, and one of less than 200 people in history to do so).

2009 Golden Piton Awards

2009 has been a year of hardship and strife. It would be foolish to ignore the fact that the “recession” (OK, full-blown depression) continues. At Climbing, 2009 has spelled diminished resources and staff…

Neil Gresham’s Guide to Visualisation

Climbers are great daydreamers. How many times have you found your thoughts drifting off to that frustrating route or boulder problem which has been eluding you for weeks, when you should be concentrating on the work in front of you?

Worlds First Water-Ice 10?

Will Gadd and Tim Emmett have established a 30-meter, 45-degree overhanging ice climb behind an unfrozen waterfall in British Columbia. Spray from the 140-meter (460′) Helmcken Falls plasters blobs and daggers of ice to the volcanic rock, creating a unique style of ice route.


Upcoming Climbing Comp

The Barn is hosting its 5th Anniversary competition in celebration of 5yrs running under the current management. The comp will be held at the Barn on the 6th Feb.

Once Was Enough for Jessica

Jessica Biel will not climb Mount Kilimanjaro again. The Valentine’s Day actress was glad she scaled Africa’s highest peak, but the physical challenge left her “miserable”.


The Tahrs are back

Six years after a decision to cull Table Mountain’s entire Himalayan tahr population enraged and divided Cape Town residents, half a dozen of the animals have been filmed grazing on the mountain’s Platteklip Gorge path.


Hikers Survive Fall into Ravine

Two 60-something hikers have been airlifted off Table Mountain in strong winds after they fell several metres into the Llandudno Ravine.


North Face – In theaters beginning January 29, 2010

“Stunning! Takes you along on one of the great adventures of the 20th century.”

Reinhold Messner Interview

‘I want to be remembered as the alpinist who failed more than anyone else on the 8000m peaks.’ Reinhold Messner, his life and alpinism beyond the 8000m peaks. Interview by Erminio Ferrari and Ellade Ossola.