Kilimanjaro – The White Mountain Of Africa

Africa’s highest summit has captured the imagination of explorers and climbers for over a century. The flat-topped white dome of Kilimanjaro, rising to 5,893 metres from the open plains of north-eastern Tanzania, is the world’s tallest free-standing mountain…


First ascents in the Antarctica Queen Maud Land

A three man Austrian expedition to Queen Maud Land in the Antarctica at the end of 2009 resulted in eleven first ascents.

Deep Play

Climbing and mountaineering has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and so has the literature that becomes of it. Pre the 90’s expeditions to the big hills in particular, were reserved for the elite few of the world’s finest, or national campaigns.

Robbins publishes 1st of 7 autobiographies

He is a household name amongst big wall climbers; a legendary figure that took the sport of rock climbing to a new level by opening big wall routes in Yosemite Valley in the 50’s and 60’s.


Weight Management for Climbers

Power to weight ratio is a popular term, and for climbers it is good to have a high one! In other words, if you can minimise body fat whilst retaining muscle, then you will be lighter and more able to pull your body up the desired route or boulder problem.

Rock Climbing in Vietnam Website

Rocky peaks soaring towards the sky, cliffs cutting through turquoise waves, caves tormented by erosion… Ghostly outlines surfacing from the mist, routes defying gravity, overhangs, tufas, stems, improbable perspectives!


Follow the Physce

I need this! Its been a long time since I had pureified myself in the mountains, the words of Andy De Klerk: “You find nothing but yourself on the rock”

Rots tref klimmer op Leeukop

Kaapstad – Die voorste lit van ’n man se linkergroottoon sal gerekonstrueer moet word nadat ’n rots daarop geval het terwyl hy Leeukop uitgeklim het.


Adam Ondra – 8c+ onsight? 9a first go?

Facts and rumours about what Adam Ondra did in Cataluña got a bit confusing… 8c+ onsight? 9a first go? To get things right, I asked the man himself: Oh yeah, that is a complete misunderstanding. I did it first go in a way, but I knew all the moves in Fabela from the other routes: […]


Outdoor Retailer Winter 2010 Wrap-Up

Rockclimbing.com’s Vegastradguy gives you the scoop of the Outdoor Retailer Winter 2010 held in Salt Lake City…