New Bolts On Everest

Everest is not capable of climbing the Yellow Band without fixed rope then they shouldn’t be there in the first place, but then this is an argument all about commercialism rather than about placing some bolts.

Baboons outwit border staff

Beit Bridge baboons are making monkeys out of the nature conservation officials sent to prevent them stealing from people at the Limpopo border post, says Independent Democrats MP Joe McGluwa.


Double ropes – what, when, why, where and how!

Are you confused about which ropes to take to the crag? Do you know the difference between a half rope and a full rope? Do double ropes sometimes seem like more trouble than they’re worth? If this is you and you’re getting sweaty with your rope spaghetti, read on and we’ll do our best to […]

40 Years of American Rock

1970, picture it: a cherry-red Mustang guns it up the back roads out of a podunk Hudson Valley college town, burning rubber past farmhouses and orchards and around tree-lined hairpins toward a notch in ridge-top cliffs.

China, Nepal resolve Mt Everest height row

The great mountain lies on the border between the two countries and they have disagreed for nearly 150 years over its exact height, which Nepal had put at 8,848 metres (29,029 feet) — nearly 13 feet more than the measurement used by China.


Jon Cardwell in Spain

I grew up in the desert so naturally I seek out the sun. I either make plans to travel to a warmer area or head for the boulders. This year was different and thankfully with a group that’s always psyched it was easy to stay motivated through the coldest months.

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