Driving in Antartica

Manager of Arctic Trucks Experience, Aron Reynisson, continues his interview with ExplorersWeb with telling about the new 6×6 vehicle, the modifications on the cars, how Arctic Trucks manage the fuel situation, how they leave the cars to over-winter on Antarctica, and the required skills and qualifications to become a driver in the extreme conditions on […]

FEAT comes to Cape Town

“What an amazing event and what brilliant speakers,” says FEAT MC, Bruce Fordyce. “The format was perfect for keeping the pace fast and exciting. I sat spellbound listening to each dynamic presentation. It was an honour and privilege to share the stage with such special people.”


The history of sportclimbing

What is the biggest change on the climbing scene since you started? It was back in 1985, when I got the chance to visit Buoux for the first time. In those days, Buoux was one of the places to be! You could say that it was the Mekka of the new sport climbing world.