Stunt leaves officials fuming

Anyone passing Table Mountain late on Tuesday night probably did a double-take when they saw a massive, colourful display being projected on to the side of the city’s iconic natural landmark. The image depicted four men’s faces, and the words: “Our winning World Cup team.” But Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) said it neither knew […]

Ant in his nappy waiting to be hoisted off Molenaars Needle

Mountain Search and Rescue

mountain search and rescue in the Western Cape, and what to do when your outing goes pear-shaped. If you’re climbing a lot and pushing your grades, or really getting out there in the wilderness, hunting those remote, long, loose country routes, then you have a fairly good chance of experiencing some kind of mishap during […]

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Paul Brouard Sends Streetfighter

On the 1st of December 2009 Paul Brouard sent Streetfighter at Oudtshoorn ) (34/8c) at Oudtshoorn Main Crag. This is Pauls hardest route to date. The first South African to climb Streetfighter / Two to Win was Justin Hawkins on the 20th of October 2006. The route which was originally a long standing project at […]

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Safety at Wellington’s Dome

On Saturday the 28th of November I was attacked by two people at Wellington’s dome. They scrambled up to the top of the mountain, threw rocks at me and then cut my rope while I was abseiling. I was very lucky to get out of this alive.

Sonnie Trotter, first trad ascent of Prosthetics at Mill Creek, Utah

Sonnie Trotter from Canada has made the first retro-trad ascent of Prosthetics 5.13d (r/x) at Mill Creek, Utah, USA. Thirty year old Sonnie Trotter from Canada recently travelled to Mill Creek in Utah where he carried out the first trad ascent of Prosthetics 5.13d (r/x), defining it as “one of the finest single pitch free […]