Waterworld Base Build 2012

Montagu: Waterworld is Climbable Again!

Montagu: Waterworld is Climbable Again! Waterworld base build report: The work meet was a great success and (although some work is still needed) Waterworld is back.

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Joe Möhle at the Painted Rocks area near Tafraout.

MCSA Supertramp Award 2013

The 2013 MCSA Supertramp Award of up to R15 000 is available to a young South African who either individually or in a group will take on a mountaineering-related expedition / trip during 2013.

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Mayan Smith-Gobat Punks in the Gym

Mayan Smith-Gobat repeats Punks In The Gym

Mayan Smith-Gobat makes the first female repeat of Punks In The Gym (8b+) at Mount Arapiles, Australia.


Adam Ondra 9a Flash

Adam Ondra 9a flash

Adam Ondra has flashed Southern Smoke Direct in Red River Gorge, giving it a personal grade of 9a.


Wild Country Ropeman 3 Recall

Wild Country Ropeman 3 Recall

For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall of the Wild Country Ropeman 3.


African Alpine Adventures Photo competition

African Alpine Adventures Photo Comp

Our splendid panel of African Alpine Adventures Photo Comp independent judges, Garreth Bird, Georgia Court, and Robert House, have made their decisions.



Sasha Digiulian Video Preview

A preview for the upcoming Sasha Digiulian video. In October 2011, Sasha DiGiulian became the first American women to climb the grade 9a.


Ashima in the first crux of 'Lucifer'

Ashima Shirashi sends at Red River Gorge

Eleven year old Ashima Shirashi has done her second 8c+ ‘Lucifer’ at Red River Gorge.


60 year old climber

Video: 60 year old climber climbs Géminis 8b+

Novato Marín is a 60-year-old Catalan climber who recently redpointed Geminis (8b+) in Rodellar in September 2012.


FEAT Talk highlights October 2012

Video: FEAT Highlights

FEAT Talk Highlights from October 2012 in Johannesburg.