Video: Cerro Torre by Fair Means

Since its 1974 first ascent until 2012, only three new routes were established to Cerro Torre’s summit without relying on the bolt ladders of the infamous Compressor Route.


**Updated + Pics Alard Hufner, Douard Le Roux and Robert Powell summit Trango

Alard Hufner and Douard Le Roux summited Trango on Saturday

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damaged climbing finger

Lab Rat… My second 8b+

This was one of the first routes I ever saw when I arrived in Waterval Boven for the first time in 2006. My eyes grew large and my secret desire to climb it slow grew larger.

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Kleinmond Rock Rally 2012 Report

The festival had about 1500 participants, creating the largest party I have ever seen after any Rally. There were kayakers sliding down the stretch tent roof, rider sliding down a long line of couches and pole climbers/dancers doing their thing.


Bolt failure at Kleinmond

I have looked at the bolt and it is very clearly Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) that caused the failure.


Boven Roc Rally 2012 poster

Boven Roc Rally 2012 Registration

It’s Boven Roc Rally time again!!!


Vaude Terkum Review

Vaude Terkum Backpack Review

Instead of taking more rest days or doing something silly like yoga, I decided to acquire some items that I though my body would appreciate. These included an ergonomic chair, an orthopaedic pillow and a backpack that fits well.

Why Climbing Should Be in the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee is set to add a new sport for the 2020 Summer Games, and climbing is on the shortlist. Here’s why the Olympics needs it.


4 8B+’s in one week for Graham

Dave Graham has had what surely must be one of his best weeks ever, with four 8B+’s and one 8B in Rocklands, South Africa.

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Quality European Footwear brands arriving in South Africa

Traverse Outdoor Gear is pleased to announce that it will be bringing quality European mountain footwear brands to South Africa.