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Tristan Young Interview

Tristan Young Interview

The first of a series of interviews with people involved with the South African National Climbing Federation.

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Andrew Pedley Double Dragon, Narrow Kloof

Andrew Pedley on Double Dragon 8B+

Andrew Pedley on the first Ascent of his route Double Dragon (33/8B+) in Narrow Kloof, South Africa.


Training coaching success

Training, Coaching and Success

Training, Coaching and Success. Very often I sit around wondering what factors help a person to succeed. Success in life like success in climbing requires preparation. For me, this often results in many hours spent isolated in my spare room doing…

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Swinburne – new multi pitch route

Andrew Pedley and Jahne Michael Theron bolted a 5 pitch line on the Tempest wall in Swinburne.

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Cut rope, stolen

A tale of grand theft, sending and route raiding at Chosspile

So the plot thickens, never has one crag been the location for so much scandal and mystery!

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The Chosfather (Colin Crabtree) at The Chosspile.

The Chosfather

I named the Chosfather in celebration of Gauteng’s oldest proper strong-man, Colin Crabtree, who has been ‘chossing-it’ since before there was even a damn at Harties.

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Harrismith. The new frontier?

Could Harrismith (aka Mt Everest or Eagle Mountain) be the new frontier for Gauteng sport-climbers!?

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Viva la Vida Part 3

Rest days, Margalef, Arjan onsighting 8a and mostly us messing around basically…

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Viva La Vida Part 2

Agata climbs 8B+, Daniel Jung opening a 9a, a trip to Rodellar, Andrew sends 8a+ … and the usual dicking around.

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Viva La Vida Part 1

Another great movie from Micky Wiswedel (aka The Lens) working in Siurana with Andrew Pedley and Arjan De Kock….

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