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Swinburne – new multi pitch route

Andrew Pedley and Jahne Michael Theron bolted a 5 pitch line on the Tempest wall in Swinburne.

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Cut rope, stolen

A tale of grand theft, sending and route raiding at Chosspile

So the plot thickens, never has one crag been the location for so much scandal and mystery!

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The Chosfather (Colin Crabtree) at The Chosspile.

The Chosfather

I named the Chosfather in celebration of Gauteng’s oldest proper strong-man, Colin Crabtree, who has been ‘chossing-it’ since before there was even a damn at Harties.

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Harrismith. The new frontier?

Could Harrismith (aka Mt Everest or Eagle Mountain) be the new frontier for Gauteng sport-climbers!?

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Viva la Vida Part 3

Rest days, Margalef, Arjan onsighting 8a and mostly us messing around basically…

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Viva La Vida Part 2

Agata climbs 8B+, Daniel Jung opening a 9a, a trip to Rodellar, Andrew sends 8a+ … and the usual dicking around.

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Viva La Vida Part 1

Another great movie from Micky Wiswedel (aka The Lens) working in Siurana with Andrew Pedley and Arjan De Kock….

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Andrew Pedley

Evolv / Bluewater Athletes Andrew Pedley & Matt Bush pushing the limits

Andrew was reportedly seen recently in the Cape, where he made an ‘onsight’ of TM trad classic ‘No Longer at Ease’, 25 ‘The walk in was harder than the climb (seriously!)

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Andrew Pedley Interview

Rodan is the arch-enemy of Godzilla (a monster) in the 1950’s Japanese movies and the name of the climb to the right of Rodan (8b). In all the films its just people screaming and running from giant plasticine monsters, classic stuff.

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CORE Showing at CityROCK – Wednesday, 15 September

CityROCK brings you CORE (the new Chuck Fryberger film) and Viva La Vida (a film by our very own Micky Wiswedel)

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