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First tracks on the Polar Molar

We chose as our goal one of Bob’s secret unclimbed walls which we’ve been calling the Polar Molar for it’s tooth-like appearance and pearly-white enamel surface.

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The almost-but-not-quite-impossible wall

After a few days rest we picked out a potential line on Impossible Wall and packed our haulbags: 80 litres of water, 100 cans of food and a mountain of hardware and ropes, over 300 kg in total.

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Party in Disko Bay

The next day we woke up early and headed northwards through the iconic Disko Bay, home of the largest glacier on the west coast of Greenland.

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The Arctic O

We have just penetrated the arctic circle. This means we are now north of 66.3 degrees latitude, the point at which the sun never sets on the summer solstice (June 21). Weather has been misty and drizzly for the last few weeks, but Bob assures us this means we have 10-15 good days coming up. […]

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Arctic Expedition – Atlantic Crossed!

Stage 1 of our adventure is now complete. We have crossed the Atlantic and have reached Greenland.

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First cruise on Dodo’s Delight

Quote of the day came from Andrew when he said, “we should turn before we hit the rocks”…

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Tealess climbing in the Drakensberg

Life is not good right now, and I have clearly tugged on one grass tuft and trusted one dodgy piece of weetbix too many.

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South African Arctic Expedition Team

It came to our attention that a group of well known South African climbers have some bold plans for this winter—plans that involve 7,000km of sailing and a healthy dose of big wall route development deep within the Arctic circle.

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Interview with Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter is a quiet, unassuming Joburg climber who has been on a big-wall rampage for the last two years. In 2010 he did a 6 month road-trip through the US, first learning to climb cracks in Indian Creek for 7 weeks, then hitting Yosemite valley (amongst other venues) to learn about big walls.