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Brothers of the Cape 7b at Ausenkehr, Namibia

Video: South Africa, Namibia

A video featuring sport climbing in Ausenkehr (Namibia), Cape Town and Rocklands.

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Video: Like It, Love It

24 minutes of Rocklands

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Video: No Stranger to Danger at Topside

Arjan de Kock and Marijus Šmigelskis working “No Stranger to Danger” 8A at Topside’s Echo Valley, with Marijus grabbing the first ascent.

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Arjan De Kock on Big Island, Fontainbleau

Update: Arjan De Kock grabs the 3rd ascent of The Big Island, 8C

Arjan De Kock is cranking rather hard lately and has repeated both The big island, 8C, and Satan i helvete assis, 8B+.


Video: Big Island, 8C Progress

Even though its getting warmer here in Font and conditions aren’t perfect, they are still good enough.


Video: What Would Ondra Do ?

The name of the video is a joke where Adam (Ondra) always would have the correct climbing advice .


Video: Fontainebleau, Over Dose F

Closing off the last season in Font, luckily some of the last things got ticked before it got too hot.

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Viva la Vida Part 3

Rest days, Margalef, Arjan onsighting 8a and mostly us messing around basically…

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Viva La Vida Part 2

Agata climbs 8B+, Daniel Jung opening a 9a, a trip to Rodellar, Andrew sends 8a+ … and the usual dicking around.

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Viva La Vida Part 1

Another great movie from Micky Wiswedel (aka The Lens) working in Siurana with Andrew Pedley and Arjan De Kock….

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