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Boven Mountain Festival 2014 knife fight

The 2014 Boven Mountain Festival

The Boven Mountain Festival will take place from 3-5 October 2014 at Tranquilitas Adventure Farm. The event includes an adventure night run and a rock climbing competition.

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Boven Roc Rally 2013 Pictures & Results

Results and pics from last weekends Roc Rally…


Waterval Boven Roc Rally 2013

Waterval Boven Roc Rally 2013 – Registration is now open

The Boven Roc Rally takes place from the 20th to the 22nd of September.



Boven Roc Rally Difficulty Competition 2012

Andrew Pedley won with an average grade of 31. Brian Weaver came 2nd beating Kim Robinson, the visiting Tasmanian, by 15 points both averaging a grade of 30.5

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Boven Roc Rally pics and results

A big thanks to the organisers, sponsors and everyone who attended the 2012 Boven Roc Rally!


Join the MCSA

Join the JHB MCSA at the Rock Rally and save R300

The Johannesburg Section of the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) will be celebrating this year’s 10th Boven Rock Rally by offering a club joining ‘special’.


Boven Roc Rally 2012 poster

Boven Roc Rally 2012 Registration

It’s Boven Roc Rally time again!!!


Boven Roc Rally 2011 – an organisers perspective

Let me simply start off by saying that the Roc Rally this year had little chance of happening.


Waterval Boven Roc Rally Results 2011

Results of the 2011 Boven Roc Rally


Boven Roc Rally 2010 Results

The Boven Roc Rally has come and gone, click here for results and pictures…