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Chossfest 2014

Chossfest 2014

It is going to be a chilled fun day at the Chosspile with some great things to watch. Loads of people coming and its R20 for everyone that day, and no need to be a club member, its open to all.


Cut rope, stolen

A tale of grand theft, sending and route raiding at Chosspile

So the plot thickens, never has one crag been the location for so much scandal and mystery!

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Chosspile Workmeet 2013

Chosspile Work Meet 23 Feb

Join us for a lekker path-building, litter collection and bolting meet at Chosspile on Saturday 23rd February!


The Chosfather (Colin Crabtree) at The Chosspile.

The Chosfather

I named the Chosfather in celebration of Gauteng’s oldest proper strong-man, Colin Crabtree, who has been ‘chossing-it’ since before there was even a damn at Harties.

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Chosspile access conditions

Chosspile Access

Anyone found to be not complying with the rules will be banned from the property and should the access be closed down, (they) will not be very popular!

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Work meet at Chosspile

Chosspile Work Meet Report

The work meet at Choss was a success, we fixed up part of the upper path before Lord of the Rings Section and the lower section between the bridge and the Harry Potter Crag.


Chosspile Rehab Project Phase 4

**UPDATED: There were a few climbers who were not aware of the new arrangements for the Chosspile and asked via the forum if we could do a poster explaining…


Chosspile Crime Meeting Report

An open meeting to discuss the recent spate of attacks on climbers at the Chosspile climbing area was held at the MCSA Clubhouse.


Chosspile safety – Temporary Closure

The thugs are at large and turning very nasty. I’ve asked for a sign saying “Chosspile closed” to be placed on the picnic site gate.