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You Won’t Believe How Cool (or How Hard) These Boulder Problems Are | Viva Peñoles, Ep. 2

A dream-team of Americas strongest boulderers, including Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Paul Robinson, and Shawn Raboutou, has traveled to the hidden boulder fields of Peñoles, Mexico with the goal of repeating test-pieces and establishing the hardest climbs in the Chihuahua desert.

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Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, and Co Explore an Amazing New Bouldering Frontier | Viva Peñoles, Ep. 1

In January 2014, five world-class American boulderers descended into the desert near Peñoles, Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua to explore a new bouldering area with local climber and developer Diego Montull.

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Dave Graham’s First Ascent of Über Project, Foundation’s Edge 8c | Forward and Forever Onward, Ep. 2

In the second installment of The Island’s Forward and Forever Onward series, itinerant bouldering demigod Dave Graham travels to Fionnay, Switzerland to attempt the first ascent of Foundation’s Edge (8c, V15).


New Boulders in Australia with Dave Graham

I have searched the planet for the last sixteen years in hopes of discovering the type of stone and setting which can only be conjured through intense imagination, or extremely vivid dreaming.

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Forward and forever onward

Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham battle it out with the most recently discovered futuristic bouldering project at Lincoln Lake AKA ‘Wolverineland’

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Exposure Vol 1 Trailer

Dedication and commitment to the sport will take them from the windy peaks of Patagonia to the harsh desert of Utah.

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RocTrip Tarn – daily report #4 – Dave Graham and Chris Sharma

Dave Graham tries “Cirque du Soleil” (8b) onsight, and Chris Sharma sends “Dessèchement planétaire” (8c FA) in the L’Oasif sector, in the Gorges du Tarn, France.

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RocTrip Tarn – daily report #4 – Dave Graham onsight attempt and first ascent by Chris Sharma

Featuring Dave Graham, Chris Sharma and Pierre Labre (special guest)…Dave Graham tries “Cirque du Soleil” (8b) onsight, and Chris Sharma sends “Dessèchement planétaire” (8c FA) in the L’Oasif sector

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The Island in Rocklands, South Africa

Featuring Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Courtney Sanders, Michele Caminati, Chad Greedy and some random critters in Rocklands during July and August 2012.

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Dave Graham – Bridge of Ashes

Follow the year-long story of Dave Graham as he goes after the first ascent of his latest project,