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David Lama – Cerro Torre: A Snowball´s Chance in Hell – Ep.1

The first in a series of films about David Lama and his free ascent of Cerre Torre.

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David Lama Bird of Prey

New route – Bird of Prey by David Lama and Dani Arnold

David Lama and Dani Arnold established a new route Alaska called ‘Bird of Prey’


Lama Solos Les Barbares

Continuing a streak of stunning alpine climbs, David Lama has completed a fast solo ascent of Les Barbares


Lama and Ortner Climb 1000m Slovenian North Face

On February 25, David Lama and Peter Ortner established a new route on the north face of Loska Stena, a circa 1000m high, five kilometer wide rock wall in Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Lama and Ortner, fresh from their first free climb of the Compressor Route, spent three days establishing the new, thirteen-pitch route, the Lama-Ortner […]


David Lama Cerro Torre Trailer

By free climbing Cerro Torre along the legendary Compressor Route, the Mammut Proteam athlete David Lama has written a piece of mountaineering history.


Lama Reports on Free Compressor

I had seen many photos of Cerro Torre before, I might even have seen that particular shot before, but now, for the first time, I also see a line.

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David Lama frees the Compressor Route on Cerro Torre

To me this first free ascent of the south east ridge of Cerro Torre is the end to the probably greatest adventure I experienced in my life so far.


Lama Speaks Out on Compressor Debacle

Over the last few months my sponsor Red Bull and I have been confronted with heavy criticism. Precisely it dealt with the film production from my project on Cerro Torre and the leaving of material on the mountain.


Cerro Torre, David Lama and Red Bullshit

Are the days gone where anybody mans-the-f*ck-up and apologises?

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