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Deep Water Dry Tooling

In the summer months ice climbers begin to get withdrawals and their minds begin to wander, but Aaron Mulkey begins his training for the upcoming winter season.

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Psicocomp, Deep Water Solo, Bikini girl

What is the Psicocomp?

The event was started by Chris Sharma and the Psicobloc Masters had its inaugural event in 2013 and it’s happening again this year in Utah.

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Deep Water Solo Quarry

Eli is found in a small beautiful quarry in Western Massachusetts perfect for Deep Water Solo routes.

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Chris Sharma takes the victory at the Red Bull Creepers

Chris Sharma won the first edition of the Red Bull Creepers, a deep water soloing (aka psicobloc) competition held in Puente la Reina, Spain.

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Wilgerpoort Deep Water Soloing

Deep water Solo Wilgerpoort, South Africa

The first ever deep water solo competition, in Africa, took place at Wilgerpoort, South Africa.

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DWS South Africa

Deep Water Solo along the Orange River

I’ve never really tried deep water soloing. It’s a climbing style that seems very appealing – bikinis, board shorts and rock.

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Deep Water Soloing South Africa Wilgepoort

Wilgepoort Deep Water Solo Comp

Last Sunday we had the first ever DWS comp in SA. This was held at Wilgepoort, near Bronkies. The MCSA purchased the land last year and one of the aims of the event was to open up more potential uses for the location.

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Deep Water Solo Competition – This Weekend!

Deep Water Solo Competition


Chris Sharma working a new line in Mallorca

Update: Mallorca DWS ban still in place

Recent proposals and escalating difficulties at some crags have made the situation far more serious.


Video: Krabi Deep Water Solo, Tonsai

Recently 3 Saffar’s made it onto a promotional video for Deep Water Soloing in Tonsai.