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Jimmy Webb Flashes 8A+ at Redhill

Jimmy Webb continues to solidify his reputation as one of the world’s strongest boulderers with some incredibly quick repeats at Cape Towns, top bouldering spots.

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The Midnight Barber (8a) at Echo Valley

Short video of Sheldon Smith sending ‘The Midnight Barber’ (8A) in Topside, Echo Valley.

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Sheldon Smith sends Captain Hindsight 7c+

Sheldon Smith on Captain Hindsight 7c+ which is an amazing line in Echo Valley which is often overlooked because in winter it is often damp. Having taken full advantage of the good conditions Sheldon puts the beastly boulder down.

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Finish hold on Mintberry.

Brian Weaver discovers that “It’s All Uphill…”

Brian Weaver comes to the Cape, goes bouldering at Echo Valley, climbs on the Jeopardy Wall and discovers that most things in the Cape are….

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Mintberry Crunch Echo Valley

Mint Berry Crunch 8A at Echo Valley

Sheldon Smith sending Mint Berry Crunch 8A at Echo Valley.

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Echo Valley bouldering

Echo Valley Bouldering 2013

Clinton Martinengo stitched a few bouldering sends together from the Echo Valley this year.

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Table Mountain Bouldering activity permits

Taking a Stand: Our Right to Boulder on the Peninsula

Maintaining access to our climbing areas is paramount- we need to take a stand!

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