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Border Lands | Episode 2

In the summer of 2013, Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle, and Liv Sansoz traveled to the remote Tian Shan Mountains near the border of China and Kyrgyzstan. The team established one of the most unique multi-pitch climbs in the region.


Joe Kinder Reflects on Aftermath of Controversial Tree-Cutting Incident

In early October 2013, professional climber Joe Kinder cut down two juniper trees, one alive and one dead, in Tahoe, California…

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3 Days With Ethan Pringle

A short film highlighting 3 days with Ethan Pringle and a look into his comical personality and extraordinary climbing ability.


Ethan Pringle on Era Beta

This phenomenal Margalef test-piece was put up by Chris Sharma in the winter of 2010.


Video: Like It, Love It

24 minutes of Rocklands

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Video: Ethan Pringle in Fontainebleau

Font bouldering short from ‘Sandstones’ featuring Ethan Pringle.


Video: Ethan Pringle on The Wheel of Life (V16/5.14d)

Ethan Pringle bagged the third ascent of The Wheel of Life in the Hollow Mountain Cave at the Grampians, Australia.