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South African Alpinism

South African Alpinism Wrap Up – 2013 / 2014 – Part 2

June brought more Alpine climbing for me (my boss starts making sarcastic comments about sacking me now!).

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South African Fitzroy

South African team summit Fitzroy

Gosia Lipinska, Julia Wakeling and Hector Pringle summited Fitzroy on Saturday night and are down safe and partying tonight.

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Via Erbosa vs. Via Ferrata – The Grassy Road vs. The Iron Way

Let’s be honest to ourselves about our motivations for climbing; and let’s be aware of the impact our adventures have on the adventures and dreams of others.

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Tealess climbing in the Drakensberg

Life is not good right now, and I have clearly tugged on one grass tuft and trusted one dodgy piece of weetbix too many.

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India Big Wall Expedition

This plan, like all good climbing plans, was originally hatched at 1am after a heavy party to celebrate Bernard and Linda’s wedding.

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Team heads off to attempt first ascents in Northern India

The Zanskar Region in the Himalaya of Northern India is a relatively unexplored mecca of sheer granite walls and 6000m peaks. Inaccessible for 8 months of the year, you can imagine the excitement when Julia Wakeling got the call for a planned trip to this mountain fortress.

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