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Ice Climbing Drakensberg

2014 Drakensberg Ice Climbing

2014 was a below average year for Ice in the Drakensberg and ice climbing fanatics had to work harder than usual (this is Africa after all) to get their fix in South Africa and Lesotho. Here is a compilation of my two ice climbing trips

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Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here’s How He Survived

John happens to have survived one of the craziest ice climbing falls ever recorded when a pillar of ice he was climbing detached from the cliff face.


Drakensberg Ice Climbing 2013

Drakensberg Ice climbing – I know what you did last night

By the power vested in us, we now pronounce the ice season open!

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Ice and Snow Report # 9

The ice season is coming to an end as the temperatures rise and the ice is melting fast.


Ice Report # 9

The snow from a week ago is still very thick from north to south in the Drakensberg.


Ice Report #8 + Pictures

As of the last 4 days, much snow has fallen over large parts of South Africa. This should serve to improve and fatten up all the existing ice routes and should make for a longer ice season this year.


Worlds First Water-Ice 10?

Will Gadd and Tim Emmett have established a 30-meter, 45-degree overhanging ice climb behind an unfrozen waterfall in British Columbia. Spray from the 140-meter (460′) Helmcken Falls plasters blobs and daggers of ice to the volcanic rock, creating a unique style of ice route.


Chasing Vapour Trails

Trying to tell someone you climb ice in South Africa is like explaining to foreign soccer supporters why the vuvuzela is necessary at local soccer games. The concept of ice climbing in South Africa is just not something that the average South African mind can comfortably conceive.

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New Ice Climb at Giants Castle

For the past six years I have been waiting for the Shisa gully at Giants Castle to come into condition to make an ascent of this previously unclimbed route. Only the final pitch had been climbed in the past and by top-rope only. This left the rest of the gully waiting for a complete ascent.

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Lehlo Ho Nolo – Ice Climbing in Lesotho

Greg (Borman) and Mark Millar went to Lesotho last weekend to learn how to ice climb. Unfortunately it was too warm and the icefall we were hoping to climb was still very much a waterfall!

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