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Wilgerpoort Deep Water Soloing

Deep water Solo Wilgerpoort, South Africa

The first ever deep water solo competition, in Africa, took place at Wilgerpoort, South Africa.

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Kirk Falls rock climbing

Popping my bolting cherry – bolting my first route

Pictures of a glorious new crag that he had found near Delville Wood. Palms sweated and questions flew as we drooled over the superbly long and steep walls we were seeing.


Illona Pelser Interview

Illona Pelser Interview

One of South Africa’s top female climbers took some time out in Montagu to chat with us…

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The mental game – Part 2. Facing Fear

My palms are sweating, my breathing erratic, my pulse is racing. I’m gripped from the moment my feet leave the ground. I’m lunging for holds. I’m over-gripping. This is ridiculous. I trust my belayer. This isn’t a difficult grade for me.

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The mental game – Part 1

So what is mental training? Well there is more to it than just thinking positive. It’s a technique that is not only useful for increasing your confidence and chances of success but it also stimulates the same neural pathways you need to use those muscles.

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