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Jimmy Webb Defies Gravity

On Thursday November 20th, Jimmy Webb and friends (Nalle, Dave, Beau) headed to Thunder Ridge in the South Platte to try Daniel Woods’ Defying Gravity V15.


Rocklands cloud

Feels Like Home – Jimmy Webb in Rocklands, South Africa

After Jimmy Webb’s stellar 2013 season in South Africa, we knew the next time he had better find some more boulders to climb. Otherwise he would have to siege himself on the most anti style and crimpiest lines he can find until he climbed out the whole area.

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Jimmy Webb Euro Trip part III

Jimmy Webb on his 3rd and final Euro Trip edit. It includes some of the tougher problems I was able to complete in Switzerland.. as well as some rad problems from Fontainebleau, France with Arjan De Kock.

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Jimmy Webb bouldering in South Africa

Jimmy Webb and Arjan de Kok sending at Weighbridge, Du Toit’s Kloof

Jimmy Webb, , Daniel Woods, Arjan De Kok + others have been exploring a few roadside attractions of late. In particular just off the road in Du Toit’s kloof.

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Jimmy Webb Flashes 8A+ at Redhill

Jimmy Webb continues to solidify his reputation as one of the world’s strongest boulderers with some incredibly quick repeats at Cape Towns, top bouldering spots.

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Jimmy Webb Europe Trip 2014 Pt. I

Part 1 of a 3 part series highlighting my trip spent in Europe this spring.

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Jimmy Webb Runs Amok In Fontainebleau

Jimmy Webb and friends (Arjan de Kok features as one of the lost boys too) hunt for an elusive boulder in Fontainebleau.

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Jimmy Webb on the ‘The Shining Path’

Jimmy Webb shaking his way up the terrifying ‘Shining Path’ in Red Rocks, a boulder that has one of the scariest top-outs

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Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb Climb one of America’s Hardest Boulders | Ragin’ the Rockies, Ep. 3

Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb Climb one of America’s Hardest Boulders.

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Forward and forever onward

Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Dave Graham battle it out with the most recently discovered futuristic bouldering project at Lincoln Lake AKA ‘Wolverineland’

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