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MCSA Vision 2015 (and beyond)

The world has changed so much, that what worked for a club then may not necessarily work now. The MCSA Johannesburg Section and possibly MCSA National is at a crossroads.


MCSA Rock Climbing Committee (CT Section) August 2014 Newsletter

Latest news from the MCSA Rock Climbing Committee (Cape Town Section).


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MCSA Debate 2014

We would like to extend an open invitation to everybody who enjoys our beautiful mountain heritage to an open debate about the MCSA at the Johannesburg Section clubhouse.


Black Shadow, Rocklands

MCSA Rock Climbing Committee November 2013 Newsletter

Please see the latest news that the MCSA Rock Climbing Committee is working on and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, information or offers to assist us with any of the below items.

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Security guards to patrol Lower Tonuqani area

Security guards to patrol Lower Tonuqani area

Starting from the end of May and during at least the whole of June (incl the 30 June weekend) the MCSA has contracted two security personnel to patrol the Northern end of the MCSA Tonquani , Boulder Kloof and Cederberg properties.


MCSA response to Table Mountain Bolts

Official response from the Mountain Club of South Africa regarding the bolts that were recently installed on Table Mountain.

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Eastern Province MCSA website routes update

The EP Section MCSA route guide web page has been updated.