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The team laying sandbags to divert the river above Waterworld in Bad Kloof, Montagu

Report: Waterworld Base Rebuild 2013

The Waterworld base rebuild took place on the Saturday the 7th of December 2013. We laid down 30 sandbags to access more crags in Bad Kloof.

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Route #1 at Farside – Rebolted

In conjunction with the Montagu Bolting Fund: Route #1 was re-bolted by Micky Wiswedel (who paid for all the bolts) and Justin Lawson

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Re bolting rock climbing routes

Montagu Update: New Anchors on Gospel Express and Quasimodo

The Bolting Fund is picking up momentum in the way of funding and we are looking to replace more anchors and lower off’s at the Steeple and Farside Crags.

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Quasimodo Bolt Corrosion Investigation

If you’re going to equip a route, do it for life and buy good quality equipment and avoid a Bolt Corrosion Investigation!

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Bolting / New Routes in Montagu

To avoid any further altercations with land owners and incorrect equipment being used, The Montagu Mountain Committee (who are responsible for the Montagu Reserve) have asked for applications to be submitted before a new route is bolted.

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Keur Kloof – Montagu – Access & Bolting

Recently a forum member enquired about access and bolting at Keur Kloof in Montagu

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