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Dance Macabre

The eThekwini Invasion

Now, a sensible man would have cleaned the gear and sipped tea for the afternoon. Fortunately, I can’t claim an abundance of sensibility, nor do I like tea.

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Horse in Bar

Grannies Suped Up Wheelchair

This end goal was to create a final punt for the up-coming Tradathon at Monteseel, so if you have not made plans to join, hopefully a sexy Pin Up, a wheelchair and a fly-bye view of the Hallucination wall

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Monteseel Rock Climbing

F3 + Monteseel = a dry mouth

Gerald took the biggest lob so far of his nine month old climbing career and I caught my first ever leader fall. The year was 1986 and we were learning fast what F3 at Monteseel was all about.

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2014 Tradathon

2014 Tradathon

Black Diamond Equipment is proud to present the 3rd annual Tradathon – Festival of trad climbing – Monteseel – 14 June 2014

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monteseel rescue

Climbing accident at Monteseel

A 22 year old female climber, broke her lower right leg in two places when she sustained a 2 meter fall while bottom-roping the route called Cain (10).


A Climber's Guide to KwaZulu-Natal Rock Book Order

Review: A Climber’s Guide to KwaZulu-Natal

Roger Nattrass has produced a new guidebook that is simply outstanding! All subsequent SA guidebook authors will curse the high standard that he has set for the genre.

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Roger Nattrass

Roger Nattrass Interview

He was the first person to climb grade 31 in South Africa, they wanted to take his ropes away for falling too much, spent 20 months in total dirt bagging through the US and now has his sights set on a grade 33!

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