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MCSA Rock Climbing Sub-Committee CT Section March 2014 Newsletter

Please see the below latest news that the MCSA Rock Climbing Committee is working on and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, information or offers to assist us with any of the below items.


MCSA Supertramp Award

The MCSA is well aware of the prohibitive costs involved in the organisation and implementation of expeditions for all members of the South African mountaineering community, but especially younger members who have no recourse to funds.


MCSA 2007 Supertramp Award

The entries for the 2007 MCSA Supertramp Award was very varied and ranged from super-long local hikes, exploring wild unclimbed African crags and mountaineering abroad.


MCSA – The Legacy of the Apartheid Years

Most Club members are aware that during the apartheid years the Cape Town Section conformed to the socio-cultural norms of the time. It was an exclusively white organisation, which had also previously excluded Jewish people.