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Cederberg rock climbing

One Life Stand

I teamed up with a free spirited traveller, Anton Gietl, to explore the area near De Pakhuis. He had a great attitude to life, a positive exuberance and was up for any adventure.

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Granite climbing Boulders ocean

Second Place

This last weekend I was like a puffer fish: distended with enthusiasm to open a route I had cleaned months ago, before my body fell into disrepair. Hopefully my odor was less piscine, and my appearance less absurd.


krakadouw avoiding the water

Kraking the Code at Krakadouw

Groot Krakadouw is a wild, convoluted place. I have made two attempts to climb at this magical haven, but the purveyors of wet and icy meteorological phenomena scuppered these plans. Finally, in December 2014, I returned to blue skies and reclusive wind.

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