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Dance Macabre

The eThekwini Invasion

Now, a sensible man would have cleaned the gear and sipped tea for the afternoon. Fortunately, I can’t claim an abundance of sensibility, nor do I like tea.

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Tree growing in rock crack

Part I – The Backyard

Some chapters spiral, others stall, blowout or tease, a few hibernate or get passed on. This book, however, is never complete.


Prometheus – The fire giver

A Titan in Greek mythology, Prometheus returned fire to humans after Zeus had taken it away. This enabled our progression and re-ignited our lives. Don’t we all search for muses that flame our passions?

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Ripcord: a choice, an event.

Our ropes multiplied, my foot is intact. Neither by choice… This is a tale of triumph, Whoa! and reflection. Mostly the latter.

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Fallen Iris – unplugged

Now, this is not some egocentric plug for our route. On the contrary it is essentially the opposite. Let me explain.

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Cody Roth Slideshow

Richard Halsey will be opening with a short slideshow, and then Cody Roth will be talking about his recent exploits.

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Playground in the Sky

Today’s astronomy session shall be straight to the to the point, much like a bayonet, but hopefully less painful. Fear not, there is also a climbing tale…

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Moon Flakes: IP. Pic: Jono Joseph

Of Teeth and Hunters – Progression in Motion

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom” General George S. Patton.

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Working Sorcery (25X) on a fixed line. The author feels 28R may be more realistic... Photo: Warren Gans.


Boven is a bit like Paris. The first local you meet speaks French. The difference is that this person is super friendly and welcoming. If you are confused, then you probably haven’t been to Boven (yet).

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New Vertical Ramblings

You won’t believe how many hysterical girls have shouted to me from the cable car on TM. Yeah, I regularly get the “O.M.G!” while I still got my shirt on.