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Ultimate Warrior, Rocklands

Just Jumping / Rocklands 2014

No titles, no numbers, just jumps. 10 minutes cannot do justice to the hundreds of hours we spent in Africa, but it is what it is.


Rocklands cloud

Feels Like Home – Jimmy Webb in Rocklands, South Africa

After Jimmy Webb’s stellar 2013 season in South Africa, we knew the next time he had better find some more boulders to climb. Otherwise he would have to siege himself on the most anti style and crimpiest lines he can find until he climbed out the whole area.

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Rocklands trad

Rocklands: A trad diary by James Pearson & Caroline Ciavalidini

An almost unlimited potential for Trad development, with 1,000’s of new routes to climb! In three weeks the pair barely scratched the surface…

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Angie Eiter Interview

Angy Eiter Interview

Interview with 28 year old Austrian Angy Eiter who was recently in South Africa and spent time in Rocklands and Montagu.

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Rocklands – John Denver – Episode 2

Josh McKinnon showing us how to keep our cool when bouldering gets hard in Rocklands.


Rocklands Bouldering m&r: #12819

Rocklands: Black velvet, Poison dwarf, A stupid rhyme, The roof is on fire, Vanity, Mufasa, Schwupp and Shallow cave


m&r: #12434 Rocklands

Yet another Rocklands video


BIG Dyno in Rocklands

Big Dyno in Rocklands!

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Steve Bradshaw, Rocklands

Rocklands Rock Stars

“Show a painter a rock and he will see a painting; a soldier will see something to pass over; the climber will see a beautiful line. It’s like, what’s possible, what’s not possible. I like climbing for all these complex and absurd aspects.”

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Rocklands – ‘In The Middle Of The Ass’ 8A

Angy Eiter reflashing “In the middle of the ass 8A” in Rocklands. A short excerpt from the film “South Africa – Moving Pictures”. Much of the footage was created using Multicopters.

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