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Steve Bradshaw on 'Armed Response' Rocklands

Update: Steve Bradshaw Jnr Sends Armed Response

Steve Bradshaw Jnr recently sent both Leopard Cave 8A+ and Armed Response 8B in Rocklands.

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Local Kids Climbing at Rocklands

The Cederberg has been attracting the world’s best climbers for years, but now Rocklands locals are taking to the sport with an astounding natural ability.


Ulan Batar, Rocklands

Rocklands Bouldering Permit

As of the beginning of June You must have a Rocklands permit to climb at the area.


Rocklands Climbers Conservation 2014

Rocklands Conservation Day Report 2014

A psyched group of about 40 climbers attended the 2014 Rocklands Conservation Day on an icy but sunny Saturday 7 June 2014.


Climbing Rocklands most iconic Boulders, Or Trying To…

How better to show off some of Rockland’s most stellar bouldering problems than by falling off them?


Best Rocklands Bouldering Guide

Best Rocklands Bouldering Guide – Climbs Under 7A – Ep1

As someone who generally doesn’t boulder much harder than 7A, I was a tad concerned that Rocklands wouldn’t have much for me to climb – I was wrong.


Rocklands Classics

A short video by Sheldon Smith of a few Rocklands classic boulder problems.

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Rocklands Conservation Day

Rocklands Conservation Day 2014

The Mountain Club of SA and Cape Nature are pleased to announce that we will be co-hosting a ‘Rocklands Conservation Day’ – at Rocklands (Cederberg) on the 7 & 8 June 2014.


MCSA CT Section Rock Climbing Committee January 2014 Newsletter

Please see the below latest news that the MCSA Rock Climbing Committee is working on and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, information or offers to assist us.

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Rocklands bouldering guide

Rocklands Update 2014

A meeting was held on Saturday 18th January 2014 Kliphuis Campsite in Rocklands between CapeNature, Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) and the Private Landowners.