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Angie Eiter Interview

Angy Eiter Interview

Interview with 28 year old Austrian Angy Eiter who was recently in South Africa and spent time in Rocklands and Montagu.

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Rocklands – John Denver – Episode 2

Josh McKinnon showing us how to keep our cool when bouldering gets hard in Rocklands.


Rocklands Bouldering m&r: #12819

Rocklands: Black velvet, Poison dwarf, A stupid rhyme, The roof is on fire, Vanity, Mufasa, Schwupp and Shallow cave


m&r: #12434 Rocklands

Yet another Rocklands video


BIG Dyno in Rocklands

Big Dyno in Rocklands!

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Steve Bradshaw, Rocklands

Rocklands Rock Stars

“Show a painter a rock and he will see a painting; a soldier will see something to pass over; the climber will see a beautiful line. It’s like, what’s possible, what’s not possible. I like climbing for all these complex and absurd aspects.”

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Rocklands – ‘In The Middle Of The Ass’ 8A

Angy Eiter reflashing “In the middle of the ass 8A” in Rocklands. A short excerpt from the film “South Africa – Moving Pictures”. Much of the footage was created using Multicopters.

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Gauteng Locals goto Rocklands

Showcasing some of the problems myself and friends did on a trip down to rocklands this year.


From Rocklands With Love 2014

30 minutes with us in Rocklands (South Africa) for our 2014 trip !


Paul Robinson climbing in the Cederberg

Paul Robinson goes adventuring in the Cederberg

Paul Robinson just got back from a trip to the Cederberg (and a few other places) in South Africa where he send a few First Ascents.

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