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Southern Rock Climbing Gym

Southern Rock Climbing Gym Opens

A climbing gym has been long awaited in Durban. We now have a great climbing and social facility that is child friendly and open seven days a week.

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Rocklands for Everyman

We planned to climb everything on this years bouldering trip to Rocklands.

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All he needed was like, snow


Arco, Italy – a sport climbing paradise

A short movie about three mates and their families on a rock climbing holiday one summer in Arco Italy.


Gravity’s Rainbow

Hard rock climbs are quick to expose your deficiencies. Not strong enough, not fit enough, too fat, too weak or too white. In my case Gravity’s Rainbow added a new factor to the mix


Roger Nattrass

Roger Nattrass Interview

He was the first person to climb grade 31 in South Africa, they wanted to take his ropes away for falling too much, spent 20 months in total dirt bagging through the US and now has his sights set on a grade 33!

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