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rory lowther memorial challenge 2014

Report – The Rory Lowther Memorial Challenge

The annual Rory Memorial Challenge attracted over 70 teams plus their supporters and was held at Rensburgkop, Swinburne and Eagle Mountain at Mount Everest near Harrismith in the Free State during the March 21 – 23 long weekend.


Rory 2011 – Younger and Younger

With every year this unique completion is becoming younger and younger: this year a whopping 76% of competitors were 19 years or younger!


The Rory 2010: Youthful Fun with a Sting in the Tail

During the weekend of 5-7 March more than 250 mountaineers, including pupils and teachers from 7 Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal schools, congregated at Swinburne in the Free State for the annual Rory Lowther Memorial Challenge.