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Hout Bay AMS Ops

If things go wrong while you’re out in the mountain and red helicopter arrives… you can expect (hope) it goes something like this.


Huge Rescue Operation to Save Trapped Man

It took over two days for more than 100 people from different organisations to save a North West man who had fallen from a mountain and become wedged on a cliff between two large rocks.


Lost on Table Mountain

Eastern Buttress Route – How We Spent a Night on the Mountain

Search and Rescue checked in on us – it was getting cold and they advised us to try and find shelter from the wind without taking any risks.

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Lost American Tourist found in Cederberg

An American Tourist who went missing in the Cederberg Mountains was found alive and well after he lost the path during a solo hike.

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Germany’s deepest cave rescue drama near Berchtesgaden

A team is attempting a cave rescue a 52-year-old man injured in a rock fall in a 1,000m-deep cave in Germany, in an operation that could take days.


Paramedic stretcher resuce hoist

Night Helicopter Rescue in the Magaliesberg Mountains

At approximately 15:00 on Sunday 25 May 2014 a 28 year old male was seriously injured in an accident in the Magaliesberg Mountains and had to be rescued by an Air Force Helicopter.

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PGHM Helicopter Rescue on the Grandes Jorasses

A team of French climbers were hit by a rock on the Desmaison Gousseault and were evacuated by helicopter.


Falling Rock Narrowly Misses Rescuer

Rescuer narrowly misses injury by falling rock after being hoisted out of a helicopter.


Belay accident

The Quick Way Down

Immediately after I decked there were a few seconds where I was too shocked to really process anything, but after that things got very real, very quickly.


Lower Silvermine Crag, Cape Town

Climber Injured at Lower Silvermine

Yesterday a climber was injured at the Lower Silvermine climbing area. During the walk out a large boulder dislodged from the wall and crushed the climbers leg. He is ok and recovering in hospital.

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