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Boven Mountain Festival

Climbing Psych in the Boven Mountain Festival

People were simply on the rock because they enjoy climbing, the only difference is that they just had a little more motivation.

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Origin Mountain Festival

The event will take place at Umgeni Valley as this venue boasts not only some of the best sport routes in KZN but also accommodates Trad climbers and boulderers.

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2nd Pretoria Slackline Session

2nd Pretoria Slackline Session


Helicopter slackline

Slackline between two helicopters

Car advert with a slackliner going between two helicopters.


Slackline South Africa

Calling all Slackliners

Join us Today between 4-6pm (6 Nov) to show off to the SABC what climbers and slackliners can do!!!!


Student dies after riding bike into slack line

A Utah State University student died Monday after riding his bike into a slack line.


Nursery Ravine Highline

Nursery Ravine Highline information

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Highline World Record

Video of Théo Sanson achieving his spot in the Highline World Record by walking a 150 long high line.

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Africa Wet Line

5km down the road from Beaverlac there is a sweet camp side called Africa. We set up a waterline and checked out the jumps.


Echo Valley Highline

Great video of Andy Court and friends on a highline at Echo Valley, Cape Town.

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