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Steve Bradshaw, Rocklands

Rocklands Rock Stars

“Show a painter a rock and he will see a painting; a soldier will see something to pass over; the climber will see a beautiful line. It’s like, what’s possible, what’s not possible. I like climbing for all these complex and absurd aspects.”

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Steve Bradshaw on 'Armed Response' Rocklands

Update: Steve Bradshaw Jnr Sends Armed Response

Steve Bradshaw Jnr recently sent both Leopard Cave 8A+ and Armed Response 8B in Rocklands.

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Steve Bradshaw sends Cthulu 8A+

A video of Steve Bradshaw sending Cthulu “sit-start” 8A+ at Echo Valley, Topside.


Steve Bradshaw, Aitzol, Margalef, Spain

Steve Bradshaw Jnr sends Aitzol (34/8c)

I succeeded on Aitzol after about 2 weeks of effort, maybe 14 tries. Due to delays from snow and icy winds, the send came down to wire on the last day of the trip.


El Corazon

Video: Steve Bradshaw in Rocklands

Steve reports on a few of his recent sends in Rocklands where he’s been living with his wife Angie in a caravan for the past few months.

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Rocklands In Motion 2013

Welcome to our world tucked away in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa!

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First tracks on the Polar Molar

We chose as our goal one of Bob’s secret unclimbed walls which we’ve been calling the Polar Molar for it’s tooth-like appearance and pearly-white enamel surface.

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The almost-but-not-quite-impossible wall

After a few days rest we picked out a potential line on Impossible Wall and packed our haulbags: 80 litres of water, 100 cans of food and a mountain of hardware and ropes, over 300 kg in total.

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Party in Disko Bay

The next day we woke up early and headed northwards through the iconic Disko Bay, home of the largest glacier on the west coast of Greenland.

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The Arctic O

We have just penetrated the arctic circle. This means we are now north of 66.3 degrees latitude, the point at which the sun never sets on the summer solstice (June 21). Weather has been misty and drizzly for the last few weeks, but Bob assures us this means we have 10-15 good days coming up. […]

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