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Hideout on Mowbray Ridge just above blockhouse, Devil's Peak

Christian group wants Devil’s Peak renamed

The group reportedly wants “Cape Town liberated from the demonic name” and believes “renaming the mountain would set a precedent for peace within the city”.


Rain and Snow Coming Soon

An intense cold front with a possibility of snow is expected to affect the Western Cape and Northern Cape, according to the South African Weather Service.

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World Record setting run by Calitz on Table Mountain

On Saturday K-Way athlete Andre ‘AJ’ Calitz ascended Table Mountain’s Platteklip Gorge an incredible 14.5 times in 12 hours; that’s 10,257 vertical metres. This exceeds the previous record of 10,060 metres and will etch Calitz’ name on the World Record listing for ‘Greatest vertical height climbing stairs in 12 hours’.


Calitz to attempt Guinness World Record on Table Mountain

In April, Calitz will attempt to run up Table Mountain’s Platteklip Gorge more than 14 times during the 2014 edition of the K-Way Platteklip Charity Challenge.

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TM 2013

Table Mountain Clean Up 2014

Many of us spend a lot of time on our great Table Mountain, now is your opportunity to get involved and give something back to the mountain we love, it’s time for Table Mountain Clean-up 2014!


Finish hold on Mintberry.

Brian Weaver discovers that “It’s All Uphill…”

Brian Weaver comes to the Cape, goes bouldering at Echo Valley, climbs on the Jeopardy Wall and discovers that most things in the Cape are….

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Jimbo Smith Russian Roulette, Table Mountain

Video: Jimbo Smith climbs Russian Roulette, Table Mountain

On the 1st of March, 2014 Jimbo Smith opened his ‘final’ project on the Jeopardy Wall on the Jeopardy Wall, Fountain Ledge, Table Mountain.

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Matt Bush TedX Talk

The freestyle life: Matt Bush at TEDx Table Mountain

This is a story of finding self expression through climbing journeys though the natural landscapes of Table Mountain, Cederberg, Montagu, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Prometheus – The fire giver

A Titan in Greek mythology, Prometheus returned fire to humans after Zeus had taken it away. This enabled our progression and re-ignited our lives. Don’t we all search for muses that flame our passions?

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The Nooner – 7B+

Sheldon Smith sends The Nooner at CBD Bright Lights below Table Mountain.

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