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Andrea Biffi climbing Not For Sale at the Scoop, Montagu, South Africa

Andrea Biffi sends Not For Sale 31/8a+ in Montagu

20 year old Andrea Biffi recently sent Not For Sale (30/8a+) at the Scoop.

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The team laying sandbags to divert the river above Waterworld in Bad Kloof, Montagu

Report: Waterworld Base Rebuild 2013

The Waterworld base rebuild took place on the Saturday the 7th of December 2013. We laid down 30 sandbags to access more crags in Bad Kloof.

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Waterworld Base Build 2012

Montagu: Waterworld is Climbable Again!

Montagu: Waterworld is Climbable Again! Waterworld base build report: The work meet was a great success and (although some work is still needed) Waterworld is back.

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Montagu, Waterworld river reroute

Waterworld water works

This morning we went and diverted the river away from Waterworld in preparation for the work meet on the 20th of October



Waterworld: Holding onto the base

Montagu usually gets mild to heavy flooding each winter and we want to do as much as possible to protect the base of Waterworld. Its an awesome crag and would be ruined should the base get washed away!

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Montagu Rock Rally

2010 Montagu Rock Rally Report

At 8h00 the hooter blasted and about 70 climbers headed off. The fancy dress was great! From rave bunnies to superheroes to some odd looking men in bowler hats and ski tights. The weather was perfect, a few bikinis were even spied in Badkloof.

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