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Play Time at Yellowwood Ampitheatre

The (near) Perfect Trad route?

Recently, Deon Van Zyl and I fashioned what I consider to be the closest to a “perfect” trad route I have personally ever climbed.

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Guy Paterson-Jones interview

Guy Paterson-Jones Interview

Apparently I’m likely to fall off everything I climb if I don’t drink tea beforehand, but I’m willing to take that risk.

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Time Warp Direct

In 1977 the great climbers, my friends Dave Cheesmond and Tony Dick established the first route up Yellowwood Amphitheatre.

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Judgment Day – A Gnarly New Route on the Yellowwood Amphitheatre

Five days earlier I had made a big decision. One that had being weighing on my mind for a year… I decided I would ask Guy to do it with me and I felt a huge relief.

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Fantastic Time at Yellowwood

The apparition then melodramatically stated: “I am gonna vomit”. I turned my head away bemused but held the belay rope steadfastly as Farrell was still climbing on the other one.


“Nice Time” 21 Yellowwood right supporting buttress,

As I thought that as I was relatively unfit, my rotator cuff was impinging in my left shoulder, my DIP joint of my ring finger was having an arthritic flare up and I was climbing with Dave who lamented as to his own unfitness…


New Route: Jabulani at Yellowwood Amphitheatre

The route “Jabulani” is located on the right side of the wall were a big system of corners is obviously seen from the ground. The seven pitches ascending the top consist climbing of different style, like corners, cracks, slabs, overhangs, etc


Climbing the Chess Pieces

Until recently, this area has seen remarkably little development, despite its attractions: rock of Cederberg-like quality, a great setting, its proximity to Cape Town (this reducing the travel carbon footprint) and a reasonable walk-in distance of about 3 hours. The only real draw-back is that little or no water may be available in the dry […]

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A Fine Time on Prime Time Direct E5 6a (25)

I was thrashing down the Yellowwood scree with Stewart Middlemiss yesterday in the gloom of descending night fall feeling exhilarated by doing a free ascent of Prime Time Direct


Your Mother His Face

Don’t ask why its ‘HIS’ face… I really don’t know. To be absolutely clear and for the sake of keeping this article ‘pure’ I’ve done very little editing, so you’ll know when the author is speaking passionately. While reading this article, keep in mind the forum topic Bad Things Happen When Good Men Do Nothing