Western Cape

The Western Cape is a climber’s paradise.  There is world class bouldering, sport climbing, trad, & big wall opportunities within 5 hours drive from Cape Town.

About the Western Cape

The Western Cape stretches about 400 kilometres (250 mi) northwards along the Atlantic coast and about 500 kilometres (300 mi) eastwards along the Indian Ocean coast.  It is roughly the size of England.  Most of the province falls within the Cape Fold Belt, a range of sandstone folded mountains that range in height from 1000m to 2300m.


The Western Cape is considered to have a Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers.  The interior Karoo has a semi-arid climate with cold, frosty winters and hot summers with occasional thunderstorms.  So when it’s wet on the coast, travel inland to find dry weather e.g. Montagu and Oudtshoorn.

Climbing during the hot summer is no problem as the air is dry, although you will want to move around with the shade.  Spring and autumn are probably the best times to visit, but if you’re looking to visit Rocklands then the our Winter is best and ensures maximum friction.

Climbing in the Western Cape

In the immediate vicinity of Cape Town there are many sport climbing area’s, trad area’s, big ‘country’ climbing walls and heaps of bouldering.  You will need a car to get around to the different areas.
Most climbing areas in the Cape are safe.  However if you are heading out to a remote area and are concerned ask about safety of the crag in the forum.
Guidebooks cover most of the areas and are available from outdoor and climbing stores.

Some of the most popular areas include Rocklands (in the Cedarberg), Montagu (Sport Single & Multi-pitch area with +500 routes), Oudtshoorn (best Limestone sport climbing) and  Table Mountain / Cedarberg (for trad climbing).

There is loads of excellent climbing is only a few minutes drive from Cape Town and the furthermost areas about 4-5 hours away.

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