Bonni Boulder

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To reach Bonni Boulder, park at the Ostrich Egg and walk about 50m up the slight slope directly towards Mt Everest. When viewed from the Ostrich Egg you will see a protuberance (Bonni's 'head') at the far (uphill) end of the boulder. The first five routes are on the Mooihoek (south) side of the boulder and the rest are on the Eagle's Head (north) side. The first route starts directly below the 'head'. You can set up top ropes if necessary by walking around to the back of the boulder and scrambling up 'Hot Porridge'.


Harrismith guide 21.jpg

Mt Everest from Ostrich Egg Parking Area

  • 1. Ostrich Egg Boulder
  • 2. Bonni Boulder
  • 3. Gypsy Crag
  • 4. Pocket City Face


Harrismith guide 22.gif Harrismith guide 23.gif

There are some beginner's routes around the corner to the right on the north side of the boulder. They were located, climbed and bolted by Gavin Peckham on 25 April 2003 as a part of an MCSA-KZN project to establish more routes in the lower grades for beginners.
1. Bonni's Head (17) 6D ** FA: Gerhard Kruger (1995) Make a tricky start from the flat rock at the base of the arête on the left-hand side of the pillar. Climb the arête to anchors on the 'head'. Keep mainly to the right-hand side of the arête but do not use the holds on 'Siesta'.
2. Siesta (15) 6D *** FA: Arno Naude (1995) Climb the line immediately to the right of 'Bonni's Head'. This line shares the anchors with the previous route.
3. Lay-In (18) 6D ** FA: Gerhard Kruger (1995) To the right of 'Siesta' there is a deep, wide crack in the boulder. Layback up the right-hand side of the crack as far as possible, step out to the right and then continue straight up to the anchors which are shared with the next route.
4. No Walk in the Park (20) 6D ** FA: Arno Naude (1995) This route takes the line of bolts to the right of the previous route. Start just to the right of the line of bolts and move up diagonally left, then continue straight up the bolt-line to the anchors - tricky.
5. There’s a Bird In My Shoe (17) 5D ** FA: Arno Naude (1995) This is the last line of bolts on this side of the boulder. The line is tricky and reachy. Finding the big 'invisible' pocket makes life easier but is not essential.
6. New Line (15) 3D ** FA: Unknown On the downhill / parking / road side of the boulder there is a new route. No details were written up in the 'New Route Book' in the reception. It consists of 3 bolts up the middle of the face with no chains at the top.
7. The Three Bears (10) 6D ** Walk around to the face on the opposite side to the previous climbs. Climb the horns and jugs on the arête slightly to the right of the bolts (Baby Bear - 8), or climb straight up the line of bolts (Pappa Bear - 10), or climb the arête to the left of the bolts (Momma Bear - 9).
8. Goldilocks (9) 5D ** Climb the short, neat, wrinkly face between the 'Three Bears' and 'Hot Porridge'.
9. Hot Porridge (8) 2D * Climb straight up the prominent scoop to the chains. For a real challenge, climb in boxing gloves and roller skates.
10. Black Bra (8) * FA: Nicky Swart (25 April 2003) From the bottom of 'Hot Porridge', traverse across to the short arête on the right and then climb this to the top.