Boulder Kloof

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This kloof is owned by the MCSA and permits should be obtained - see MCSA page for details. It is part of the Tonquani Complex.

Routes/ Gradings

There are about 60 traditional climbs here, mostly single pitch routes but generally of very high quality. The grades vary from 8 to 27 and many routes in the early twenties can be found here including many good classics.


Sometimes water can be found in the kloof but usually one needs to get close to the intersection with Tonquani. Climbing is good all year round.


The kloof joins Lower Tonquani just before Cedarberg. The meet spot is below the climb Comanici. The nearest perennial supply of water is at the junction with Lower Tonquani. Climbs are generally of a very high standard on good quality, steep rock but tend to be short.

Route guide

SACIN site - Boulder kloof