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Rock Type
ProvinceWestern Cape

How to get there

Fees & Permits

Accommodation & Food

Attractions & Activities


Access Issues

This land is owned by Hermanus Visser. He is allowing climbing on his land provided that people don't bother him at his house in the trees above the boulders. The area will be closed if the following rules are disobeyed:

  • Do not enter without paying the required entry fees.
  • Do not litter (e.g. cigarette butts, finger tape).
  • Do not damage or remove vegetation.
  • Do not wander off existing paths.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Do not bolt without the land owner's permission.
  • Bury any toilet paper etc. in a deep hole (>10cm).

Getting There

Go over Pakhuys Pass as if going to De Pakhuys, but continue 1.3km beyond the turn-off to De Pakhuys (the boulders are on the slope below the nek with trees). Go through the wire gate on your left (close it again if it was closed), drive 100m and park. Follow the path past the houses to the boulders (2 min walk).

Boulder Problems

(Topo and info courtesy of Guy Holwill)


A1 Roof at Pooh Corner 6A+ *
BS on L side of cave, climb across the cave and up the razor biscuit
Guy Holwill, August 2007

B1 Bacon Makes Me Happy 6B ***
SS with hands on the holds at eye level and climb the face
Guy Holwill, August 2007

B2 PS - the Sheep is Not Mine 6C **
SS with BH on L facing flake, go L to edge then direct to TO (BS...)
Joe Mohle, August 2007

C1 Late Harvest 6B+ *
BS L of crack, RH into crack as undercling and TO in scoop on L
Joe Mohle, August 2007

C2 Crackling 6A *
BS on jug, LH to fingerlock near base of crack then climb crack to TO
Joe Mohle, August 2007

C3 Cederberger 5+ *
BS on low jug, climb thru roof to TO slightly R
Guy Holwill, August 2007

D1 Night Swimming 6A+ *
BS climb arete, then trav L along lip to TO
Doug Ward, August 2007

E1 Too Much Wine 3 **
SS climb dihedral
Guy Holwill, August 2007

E2 Of Facts and Fiction 4- **
SS climb face with crack
D Jones, August 2007

E3 Stranger Than Fiction 6A ***
SS using the jug on the shelf, go L then R to TO
Guy Holwill, August 2007

F1 Virginia State 4 **
BS climb groove
Guy Holwill, August 2007

F2 How Much to Down This? 4+ ***
SS climb prow with RH on arete
Guy Holwill, August 2007

F3 50 Bucks 4 **
SS climb face with LH on arete
Guy Holwill, August 2007

F4 Wine for men who enjoy being men 6A+ **
BS on R facing hold, go R then L to TO
Guy Holwill, August 2007

F5 Steve's project
BS LH in thin crack RH on layaway, climb to TO

G1 Orange Rush 6B+ **
SS climb face on opposing layaways (needs several pads)
Guy Holwill, August 2007

H1 Delicate Arch 3 *
BS and climb centre of face
Guy Holwill, August 2007

H1 Disinterested Handjob 4 **
SS with jug climb open corner to TO
Doug Ward, August 2007

H2 Omo-sexual 3 *
SS climb face to TO
Doug Ward, August 2007

I1 High and Dry 7A *** BS using layaway & gaston, climb prow to TO
Guy Holwill, August 2007

I2 Fake Plastic Trees 7A ***
BS using big layaway, climb to TO
Guy Holwill, August 2007

K1 Pleasantly Balanced 4- *
SS climb arete (BS...)
Guy Holwill, August 2007

K1 Heel-toe Action 5+ *
BS climb slopey arete (no dabbing with your heel)
Guy Holwill , August 2007

K2 Dry Red 4- **
SS climb slab between aretes
Guy Holwill, August 2007

K3 Four Cousins 4- **
SS climb blunt arete
Guy Holwill, August 2007

K4 Gently Lingering 3**
SS climb slab
Guy Holwill, August 2007

L1 Losing Luther 4 *
SS climb face with chicken heads
Doug Ward, August 2007

M1 Krauting Tiger Hidden German 4 **
SS climb blunt arete
Doug Ward, August 2007

N1 Trust Me I'm a Urologist 6A **
SS climb face keeping L of crack
Maarten Turkstra, August 2007

O1 Justin Jou Lekker Ding 6A **
SS climb crack on L side of face (highball)
Maarten Turkstra, August 2007

O2 There's a Fine Line 6A ***
SS Climb the crack in the centre of the face (highball)
Steve Downing, August 2007

O3 Doesn't Handle Crowds 5- *
SS Climb the arete on suspect gargoyles (highball)
Steve Downing, August 2007

O4 Super Space Man 5 **
SS climb the blunt arete (highball)
Steve Downing, August 2007

O5 The Vice Guide to Highballs 6A **
As for The 17th Time but cont L from the jug to the crack (highball)
Guy Holwill, August 2007

O6 The 17th Time 6A **
BS climb up ramp the L to jug then up the prow (highball)
Steve Downing, August 2007

O7 Fifi Towel 6A+ **
BS on the L, climb the arete
Guy Holwill, August 2007

O8 Don't Climb This!
Face with dangerously loose holds (the most dangerous is on top)


Guy Holwill on High and Dry 7A ***
Bacon Makes Me Happy 6B ***

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