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The Lord of the Rings Route List

This crag is past the Harry Potter section following the scree path all the way too the top large cave.

Routes from the LEFT of the crag towards the RIGHT. This crag is in the shade most of the day with some areas being in the sun late afternoon. This crag is mostly overhanging.

1. Pipeweed 22/6c 8 Bolts FA. Dewald Kloppers.
2. Frodo / Exit Planet Dust 18/6a 9 Bolts BB. Rob Brinkworth & Mark Olver. FA. Rob Brinkworth OR Sarah Houghton. <Please pick one, as I'm sure you both didn't clip the chains at the same time>
3. A Shortcut to Mushrooms 21/6b+
4. Voices of Saruman 23/6c+
5. Gandalf 24/7a
6. Mourn not overmuch 25/7a+
7. Halfling 27/7b+
8. Gollum 25/7a+
9. Gollum extension <add name>
10. Big Bully 29/7c+ BB. Wesley Black. FA. Dario <add surname>. 2012. Ground extension.
11. Bully for Brontosaurus 28/7C 10 Bolts FA. Peter Lazarus. Starts in cave.
12. Tyrannosaurus Rex 27/7b+ Starts in cave.
13. <Richard Lords bolt line running through cave open project.> This will go after Shadowfax has been crushed. Needs new bolts.
14. <Shadowfax open project> RBB. Andrew Pedley & Colin Crabtree. Richard Lord had the vision.
15. The Chossfather 28/7c FA. Andrew Pedley. 2012.
16. Don't Deck P1 23/6c+ There was a tree, but the muggers came and chopped it down.
17. Don't Let Go 28/7c Leftward extension of Don't Deck. Take long slings.
18. Don't Deck <extension right, add name> 27/7b+ Rightward extension of Don't Deck ending on Fossil Fuel.
19. Shelob 24/7a BB. Wesley Black. FA. Wesley Black. 2011.
20. Anduril Flame of the West 30,31/8a,8a+ BB. Wesley Black. FA. Joey Kinder. 2011.
21. Fossil Fuel 30/8a BB. Peter Lazarus. FA. Ralph Brucher. Just before going for the big pinch there was a drilled pocket which was never used in any of the ascents and is now filled up to avoid cheating.
22. <Ralph's Open Project> BB. Ralph Brucher.
22. <Pieter Martin's Open Project> BB. Pieter Martin.
22. <Colin Crabtree's Open Project> BB. Colin Crabtree. 2002.
23. Grimslade 27/7b+ 6 Bolts
24. Unfinished Business 23/6c+ 7 Bolts
25. Hobbitry in Arms 20/6b 6 Bolts
26. Ramble On 18/6a