Cogmans Buttress

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Cogmans Buttress

Another Day In Paradise == To the left of the Rave.

  • P1. 4a/10 5 Bolts 23mm
  • P2. 6b+/22 or 19 A0 13 Bolts 25m
  • P3. 5c/18 7 Bolts 20m
  • P4. 5b/17 9 Bolts 30m
  • P5. 3c/12 5 Bolts 20m
  • P6. 5c/18 11 Bolts 25m
  • P7. 5b/17 9 Bolts 20m

Bolts sponsored by Axel Wegmann, Swiss visitor and friend. Ab down route. 60m rope !!! Beware of loose flake above bolt 6 on last pitch !!! The Raves rap line.

Magical Mystery Tour ***

  • P1. 4a/10 4Bolts 15m shares first 3 bolts with paradise.
  • P2. 5c/18 9 Bolts 20m
  • P3. 5b/17 9 Bolts 30m
  • P4. 5c/18 11 Bolts 30m

Ab down route. 60m rope !!! Link up to second stance on Paradise after 4th bolt on pitch 3. *** Bolts sponsored by De Bos Guest Farm

The Rave

  • (6 Pitches - highest grade 6c/22)

TOCANDO EL VACIO 50m right of "The Rave"

  • P1. 24/6c+ 35m
  • P2. 27/7b+ 35m
  • P3. 22/6b+ 35m
  • P4. 27/7b+ 30m
  • Decent: 3xAbseils. 30m; 35m; 60m!!!

Bolted from ground up by Albert Segura, Pilar Rossimyol, Antonio Bayoma - 05.08.03

LOW BATTERY Right of "Tocando el Vacio"

  • P1. 16/5b
  • P2. 18/6a
  • P3. 23/6c
  • P4. 23/6c
  • Decent: 2xAbseils. P4-P1 50m; P1- ground

Bolted from ground up, you might need a set of nuts on first pitch.By Albert Segura, Pilar Rossimyol, Catherine Mader,Antonio Bayoma - 7/8.07. 03

Burnt by the Sun

  • P1: 17 28m (10B,C) **
  • P2: 19 26m (10B,C)
  • P3: 21/22 28m (9B,C)
  • P4: 22/23 30m (14B,C)

M. Roberts & P. McCann. 2003.

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