Croc River Canyon

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Croc River Canyon- update

Note: Current access is as follows. The guards at the gate have a key to the entrance of the gorge. They are aware of climbers going to and from the gorge. They will open for you. Please treat them nicely.

1)Megachilide 17*[10D]

FA:Nicole Hemphill 2002

2)Creature Comforts 26***[9D]

FA:Alard Hufner 2002

3)Project(new) 30/31??

BB:Donovan Willis

4)Puppy love(new) 27*****[12D]

The flaring crack to the right of cc.pumpy. FA:Hunt Cheney 2003

5)Beetle juice 19***[9D,R]

FA:Mike Mason 2002

6)Raboebie 16*****[14D,60m!]

FA;Craig Kluckow 2002

7)Unknown??(new) 17***[]

Just right of raboebie. FA:Rudy Halbich

8)Unknown project

BB:Nicole hemphil

9)Active suspension(new) 28/29****[9D]

The slightly overhanging wall just left of spongebob squarepants. A sustained line. FA:Donovan Willis 2008

10)Spongebob squarepants(new) 23****[9D]

An excellent face climb on a prominent block. Courage is needed for the first clip. FA:Jonothan Salzwedel 2004

11)I is baboon 21*****[13D,60,m!!]

FA;Hunt Cheney 2002

12)Smooth Apricot jam 22*****[13D,60m!!]

FA:Hunt Cheney 2002

13)Emergancy Exit project(new) 25/26*****

Goes right of S.A.J BB:Hunt Cheney

14)Futuristic impressions of the past 19***[N]

FA:Alard Hufner 2002