Deep Freeze Boulder

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To reach the Deep Freeze, continue about 200m uphill from the Sundeck, heading diagonally right. The boulder is only about 30m away from the base of the main mountain – see photo on previous page. The routes are on the north side of the boulder. There are a couple U-bolts on top of the boulder. These can be used to provide security if you want reach the chains and set up a top-rope and can be accessed by scrambling up the back of the boulder.


Harrismith guide 28.gif

Route List

Deep Freeze Boulder Routes from the far LEFT of the crag towards the right (i.e. back towards the car park)

1. Iceberg (20) 9D *** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Start towards the left-hand side of the north face, about 2m to the left of the central black streak . Climb up diagonally left towards the arête. After the second bolt, either pull through rightwards immediately, or go up left to clip the next bolt before going through the small bulge. Continue to the top. Apparently the climbing is much easier if you traverse out to the arête and climb this, however, you will then find it hard to clip the bolts.
2. Frozen Chocolate Milkshake (18) 8D **** FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg (1994) Climb the line of bolts up the black water streak. The bolts are quite widely spaced.
3. Polar Crossing (18) 9D *** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Climb up just to the right of the black water streak. Tend slightly right towards the top. Climb the higher crux by laying away to the right. Apparently some of the holds have broken off near the top of 'Tundra' and 'Polar Crossing' making these routes more tricky than expected.
4. Tundra (18) 8D ** FA: Clive Curson (1994) Start towards the right-hand side of the north face. Pull up awkwardly onto the rock then move diagonally right to the arête. Continue up, on or next to the arête. There is a thin move near the top but going left up the diagonal break is just as tricky.
5. Chill Out (17) 7D *** FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg (1994) Start just to the right of the arête. After a tricky starting move, climb straight up on 'dinner plates'.
6. Slush Puppy (17) 7D *** FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg (1994) Start just to the right of 'Chill Out'. The start is tricky and the next few moves are also quite thin but the climbing eases off higher up. Be careful clipping the second bolt