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File:Fun Time Topo.jpeg
Slack Time topo

Start View the topo on the photograph. The route traverses in from the right and the start is marked with a cairn.

  • Pitch 1 : (19) 30m Walk left along a ledge system to a cairn. Traverse low below an overhang past a green bush and step down after 5m to end below a steep white face. Climb up the right facing corner and exit left above it to a small ledge with a bush.
  • Pitch 2 : (20)35m Climb directly up from the ledge past the thin crux(tiny cam BD C1 or C2). Continue to the large left facing corner and up this to a comfy ledge.
  • Pitch 3 : (20) 20m Move right and do a tricky stem move in a grey groove and continue diagonally right to the large overhang. Climb through the notch directly above the belay and continue to a small belay stance.
  • Pitch 4 (17) 30m Climb diagonally right to the monster sized pillar and traverse to the right at its base. Continue up and right to a right facing corner (or climb the dark face to the left of the corner) and exit diagonally left to a large bushy ledge and stance.
  • Pitch 6 : (14) 20m Exit the ledge on easy rock on it's left and then pull through the bulge just left of the overhang above and then climb diagonally right to a stance below shiny grey rock and left leaning cracks directly above the previous belay.
  • Pitch 7 : (17) 25m Climb the crack system to the next ledge and stance
  • Pitch 8 : (20) 25m Climb the overhanging jam crack and continue up the steep crack and face to a stance on the right below a right facing corner.
  • Pitch 9 : (18) 40m Climb the corner and continue past a short chimney crack above. Continue up the left facing corner crack or up the left slanting grassy cracks and exit left and then find your way to the top. Avoid the horrible off width by climbing around on the left.

Scramble off.

FA: C Edelstein, F Davids and T Firman Summer 2009 FA Pitch 9 "Krakadouw" pitch C Edelstein and Neels Havenga 20 Jan 2010

(See Topo on photograph)


EITHER walk right to the gulley between Smalblaar ridge and the chesspieces. This involves three short abseils.

OR use the DOWN TIME Rap Route