Fatter Pillar

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This chunky block / pillar is up against the face of the main mountain and about 50m to the right of Pocket City and directly uphill from the 'Deep Freeze' – see photo on page 79.


Harrismith guide 30.gif

Route List

1. Access Route (15) 6D * FA: Clive Curson (1994) This line gives access to the start of the next two routes.

Follow a line up the middle of the slabs to a ledge at the base of the main pillar. The first bolt is quite high and not easy to spot. The climbing gets trickier as you get higher.

2. Black Hole (21) 9D *** FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg (1994) Start from the ledge and climb up to a slabby section. Pull up through a bulge into the start of a bottomless corner and then continue straight up to the top. Reachy in places.
3. Starwors (16) 9D ** FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg (1994) From the top of the 'Access Route', move a couple of metres along the ledge to the right. Follow the right-tending line of bolts to the arête and move up to an unnecessary pair of anchors. Continue up past two more bolts to the top anchors.