Gypsy Crag

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Gypsy Crag is on the main face Mt Everest. It is located to the right of a point directly uphill of the Ostrich Egg and also to the right of a huge, hollow scoop in the main face. (See photos on pages 66 and 71 for location.) The crag consists of two triangular, red faces that are approached by scrambling up a slab. The crag apparently has four routes, listed below from left to right, but further details are unavailable. 1. Love Me Gently (23) 9D FA: Peter .Janschek (1996) 2. Gypsy King (23) 11D FA: Peter Janschek and Egmont Goedeke (1996) 3. Good Luck Mr Gorsky (22) 8D FA: Doug Ward (1997) 4. Vanessa’s Route (20) 8D FA: Vanessa Lane (1997)