Heffalump Boulder

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Drive to the Ostrich Egg area and park near the Mt Everest Chalet taking care not to block the access of the chalet occupants. Walk up the path to the chalet. About 5 m before the chalet, turn left onto a vague path that leads up past a water tank. From the water tank walk diagonally left up the hill heading towards the group of three large boulders at the base of the main face. The Heffalump Boulder is the furthest of the three and is a steep slab that is barely 5 minutes walk from the parking area. These routes were located, climbed and bolted by Gavin Peckham on 25 April 2004 with help from Gavin Raubenheimer and Nicky Swart as part of an MCSA-KZN project to establish more routes for beginners. Note: The first three routes climb up past 'ears' or flakes that are (currently) quite sound but look vulnerable to a strong outward pull - especially the one on the right (Pooh Bear). Belayers beware and climbers please treat them gently!

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Route List

Heffalump Boulder Routes from the far LEFT of the crag towards the right (i.e. back towards the car park)

1. Piglet (10) 6D *** Climb the line of bolts on the left of the boulder. The chains are over the edge, out of sight of the start.
2. Kanga (10) 6D *** Climb the line of bolts just to the right of 'Piglet'.
3. Pooh Bear (12) 6D *** Climb the line of bolts just to the right of 'Kanga', passing just right of the third 'ear'.
4. Woozle Tracks (15) 7D *** This is the line towards the right-hand side of the slab. Start off the small block in the bush directly below the first bolt. From the first bolt make a rising traverse (crux, thin) across towards the arête on the right and then follow the bolts straight up to the chains. On the traverse stay higher rather than lower.
The next two routes are on the back of the boulder and may be reached by following a path around to the right.
5. Coffin Dodger (17) 5D *** FA: Gavin Peckham (15 Nov 2008) Pull up onto the face. Follow the bolts up the left of the face.
6. Fat and Feeble (17) 6D *** FA: Gavin Peckham (15 Nov 2008) Climb the line of bolts on the right-hand side of the small face. Avoid using the block on the right as far as possible.