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Joe's Garage

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientVertical
Walk in30 minute uphill walk
Crag AspectAfternoon Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape

This crag was opened by Tony Lourens and Beth Higgins (in honour of the Frank Zappa). The routes are long. Access: Walk up the track, take the Rose Bowl path on the right and follow for about 10 minutes. In front of a small rock butress follow cairns leftwards through a shallow ravine to gain the top of the ridge. See also SA Mountain Mag Issue #4 for Photo RD.


Start walking up the Rose Bowl Gully, then turn off left and head for the crag on the skyline.


There are two multi-pitch sport routes. You can do any combination of first and second pitches, since the routes are close together, and share a stance halfway up. The second pitches are a bit nicer than the first pitches.

From Left to Right

  • Sheik Yerbouti 6c/23 (13B,C) T. Lourens. 2002
  • Muffin Remnants 6a+/20 (8B,C) B. Higgins. 2002
  • Burnt Weeny Sandwich 6a/19 (12B,C) B. Higgins. 2002
  • Central Scrutinizer 6b/21 (12B,C) T. Lourens. 2002
  • Weasels Ripped my Flesh ? (6B,C) T. Lourens.
  • Sheik Yer Weeny 6c/23 (26B,C) Combination of routes 1 and 3 (total 55m)