Lower Tonquani (trad)

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This is also an MCSA owned kloof and is the continuation of Upper Tonquani going downstream. Permits should be obtained - see the MCSA page for details. It is part of the Tonquani Complex. Contact the MCSA for more access details.

Routes/ Gradings

This is a long section of the kloof with 132 natural routes. The climbs are mostly multi-pitch natural lines. These routes see grades from 7 to 26. Some 90m and higher climbs can be found in the area where Cedarberg intersects Tonquani.


There is plenty of water and moving up and down the kloof usually results in you getting wet. Climbing is good all year round.


The access traverse above the pools between Upper and Lower Tonquani (C) is over polished rock and is hazardous to inexperienced parties. The lower meet point is at the Cedarberg/Tonquani junction. The longest climbs are in the area of the Cedarberg junction with climbs of up to 90m. The rock is generally excellent and water is always available.

Route guide

SACIN site - Lower Tonquani kloof